Premier League 2017/18


Different ref but get your point and to be honest still think based on games v city this season Liverpool would still have won.


Actually thought Gomez was worse than Moreno today but the changes in back 4 unsettled Karius.


Klopp, it seems, is willing to blame everyone bar himself or his team for not winning today. He seems to have a problem with WBA having pride in coming back from 0-2 down to get a draw.

I like Klopp. He could do well from not becoming like Mourinho and actually accept responsibility.


Salah wins PFA Footballer of the Year .
Latest pictures from the Ethihad .


Liverpool fans could learn alot from that pic.


Awww, u ok hon? Xoxo


I like what you did there… added the words at “Relegated” WBA otherwise someone might remind you that City had the chance a few weeks ago to win the league at home against their neighbours… that they went 2-0 and had their fans jumping for joy waving their free flags left for them on their seats … only to literally bottle it and lose the game 3-2 …

… either side of taking an arse spanking off Liverpool in the CL.

Then there was that time a few weeks previous that City bottled the FA cup game against League 1 opposition Wigan…

Anyway… I’m sure United are thrilled to finish 2nd.


Bloody eck our 'Arry, thought Scouseland was the epitome of wit and humour…


Indeed. 98 goals and 90 points. Remarkably inconsistent …bottlers of the highest order.

Is that the FA Cup that Ferguson treated with such disdain but is now a must win competition for United … in order to prevent a bare cupboard …


Feel free to be funnier and show me where I’m going wrong.


you sure are very defensive of man city for a leeds supporter !!


Defending mah boy. Loving my new avatar … some shower of fcukers in this place …:joy:


Eh, your reaction to my previous post, thought I made that clear. My post was a humourous reference to a recent Res Dubs spat about a certain Champs League game that took place in Anfield. Your’s was…well what was it?


had to double check it all right - very naughty


I see Mo Salah was deservedly awarded the PFA players award last night. He’s been brilliant this year, arguably the best player in the premiership. My only disappointment is that Harry Kane didn’t try and collect the award for him!

Also, as much as I like Paul Lambert (he seems a decent skin) there will be something quite joyous about watching those horrible f*####s Stoke get relegated. I will tune in when it happens just to see the look of pain on that c#* Shawcross and the supporters of Stoke!


What’s wrong with Stoke ?


I have a long standing hate for them.


Hmmmmmmm ok


Aaron Ramsey had his leg smashed by Ryan Shawcross in a manky tackle and took arguably 2 years off Ramsey’s blossoming career. The Stoke fans since then sang “Aaron Ramsey, he walks with a limp” since then in one of the most classless chants I ever heard.

A couple of years later, Arnoutavich (spelling?) ran at Debuchy and pushed him into hoarding dislocating his shoulder after the ball was gone. The Stoke fans cheered Debuchy as he was stretchered off.

I find them repulsive and Mark Huges was their manager for long periods too, I have no time for him either. I hope they sink like a stone all the way to the Johnstones paint trophy or the LDV vans league!!!


Ah ok , it’s from an Arsenal perspective , that’s fair enough .