Premier League 2017/18


Possibly only a synthetic one …,


Wenger is going at least 5 years too late. Ferguson got out at the right time.
I hope Wenger’s legacy is a good one and looked upon favourably.

I too, hope he leaves on a high.


The Europa League would be a lovely way of finishing up . It’ll be strange not seeing him next year . Has he left them in a good state . There may be a cull when the new manager takes over .


Betting suspended on Joachim Low taking over.


Makes sense - I reckon he’ll definitely finish with Germany after the World Cup even though he is contracted to 2020.

Fair play to Wenger, he leaves Arsenal in a relatively healthy state unlike Ferguson when he jumped at United.


That’s got to be a joke?



Liverpool 2 up at relegated WBA with 11 mins to go and only get a point. Themselves and Spurs have bottled it in the run-in and handed 2nd place to a piss poor United team.


Fair to say Liverpool have bigger fish to fry at the moment than the race for 2nd place.


Hardly excuses losing a 2-0 lead with 11 to go to a relegated team. Unless they went off frying some cod during that time …


Even our Lord fell 3 times.


It’s a hard ould station alright …


Still knocked your beloved City out of the CL which is why they had one eye on Tuesday today to Klopp’s disappointment. Top 4 was target and apart from bragging rights no real difference between being 2nd or 4th as no pre-qualification round for 4th now.
If you watched the game ref had a massive impact!


Had he as big an impact as when they beat City?


We all have our crosses to bare!


They beat City 3 times this season, could you be more specific? :slight_smile:


all three.




When you play Moreno it’s always a possibility…Loveran replaces Salah and Liverpool switch off…I did think our days of giving up leads easily were over but it’s clear investment is needed in the summer and even if we do win the champions league it won’t cover up that fact


There aren’t many decent centre halves around even if you have money tbh.