Premier League 2017/18




The best highlights of Wolves last few appearances in the top flight


I’d have Mick back as Ireland manager in a heart beat .


You could have Pep Guardiola or Klopp managing the Irish team and I don’t think they’d do much better (might be more attractive to watch, though)…

Remember when you’d expect an Irish player or two to make the PL team of the season and maybe another 2 or 3 in the Championship team?


Imagine if Pep decides to have a defence next year.


Tried to sign Johnnie Cochran but found out he died


The Chewbacca defence would be better than Walker and Otamendi …


This looks good

  • spoiler alert *

Ferguson won


Ferguson won, alright, but Wenger was the first manager to put up a sustained challenge to his reign at Man Utd. To have won three PL titles while Ferguson was Man Utd manager is no mean achievement. Ferguson saw the back of Dalglish, Mourinho and Ancellotti.


Keegan could be added to this list…Benitez, Rodgers


The only manager that got the better of Fergie was Pep.


I’m talking about managers who won something significant in England. And, in fairness to Rogers, his first season at Liverpool coincided with Ferguson’s last at Man Utd - you could hardly say that Ferguson saw him off.


Fair enough, didn’t check the timelines…was just thinking of managers who tried and failed to pip Fergie to a title


Was just about to say the same, they barely overlapped.


And John Magnier




Wenger stepping down in the summer…


Wow , they finally broke him .


4 or 5 years late imo. Should have gone around the same time as Ferguson. Would have left with his reputation fully intact


“You feelin’ me fam?”


Hope he leaves them on a high.