Premier League 2017/18


The players were as bad. Couldn’t understand exactly what they were celebrating after the game, you’d have thought they had just won the league the way they were acting. Sterlings finishing has always been awful, basically lost City the game yesterday. Won’t even get started on the refereeing!


In fairness, a big derby win nonetheless.


Standard derby win I’d have said, city will still win the title!


One thing that’s come out of yesterday imo is that Liverpool should go all out on Tuesday to get at least one goal and kill them off rather than defending from the outset.


From 2-0 down away with their rivals about to win the title, come on! Even if it was tiddlewinks, as you might say yourself…


Always amuses me to hear United fans going on about City’s money. They had no issue when they were throwing it around and breaking transfer records in the Ferguson years and before. Not to mention the tapping up and other stuff that went on. Appears they tap up now to try to get rid of players … :wink:


Cheating prima donna’s the lot of 'em !!!

Roll on 4 in a row . . . real men with pride for their county, not mercenaries




Wolves one win away from the Premiership. A club that gave us John Richards, Dave Wagstaffe, Steve Bull, the Dereks - Dougan and Parkin, Steve Daley, Bob Hazel and George Berry - welcome back!

Fulham flying too and with any luck will take second spot ahead of Cardiff - leaving an obnoxious manager where he belongs …

ps Sunderland poised to plummet a la Blackburn, Blackpool, Wigan etc … :open_mouth:


Stefano del Torro or Stefano Torres would have sounded so much better, probably a Champions’ League medal or two’s worth.


Indeed!! Tipton Terrier if I recall correctly without any google cheat!


Welcome indeed!


Many congrats to The Wolves! My mother’s team from her childhood, she was going to games at Molyneux with her dad when Billy Wright was helping them be the greatest club in the UK, and possibly Europe, pioneering European inter-club top level football.

If the Villains don’t make it up, Wolves will be the only one of the four great Midlands rivals in the top league. Kings of the Black Country.



Neighbour of my mam’s is a massive Wolves supporter so delighted for him. He even called his dog Bully.


Was that not because he was a bulldog?


Very funny but no! Think he was a Jack Russell.


Jack Russel? Was he not a cricketer? Why name your dog after a cricketer when he follows Wolves


Maybe he wanted to feed his dog to the wolves!


big fan of bullseye