Premier League 2017/18


Pep to batter the bus !
I really hope city go out to give them a trimming .
It will be priceless to see Jose at the end :laughing:


If you’re Sheikh Mansour, nothing is priceless…


As we keep saying on many Dublin threads, money doesn’t win you trophies …


And The Specially Cynical One will never win a trophy with a team playing great attacking football.


They’re all cheats . . . Just Sayin’


Maybe he should have bought them milk instead…


City totally bossing this game .




Aaahhh here.!!!


:rofl:, was having the dinner & had to switch it off .
Some turn around !



Oh dear some bitter blues about :grin::grin::grin::grin:

What a fucking comeback. League might be long gone but always good to beat the bitters after being behind. The fact it postpones their title party is the icing on the cake .:grin: :tada:


Two bad defeats in the last two games.

Liverpool got 50 million for Sterling.


United piss on Pep’s parade

Fucking delighted, little to smile about this year but to hand over the title to the silent minority in the Emptyhad would have been a thousand times worse.


Hand it over? :thinking: Sure United haven’t won it for 5 years. Must be great being a United fan these days with that lovely brand of attacking football … :joy:

Obviously very embittering watching the Blue half smash record after record all season. :smirk:


From what I saw in the first half , he missed two great chances . I’ve never understand all the hoopla about him .


Brexit has had a terrible effect on Sterling


Not your best work Harry!


Can’t stand the Cynical One but there’s a nice twist about the Trillionaires having their glory day spoiled at home to their greatest rivals like that.


Just shows how far united have fallen when their supporters are celebrating the delay of city winning the title, in a game they fully deserved not to win and should have had a man sent off for a manky leg breaker! And I didn’t even see the game, just the highlights!!!