Premier League 2017/18


I like Klopp’s style of play but you need your team to be capable of defending. Mourinho could learn a thing or two from Klopp’s on how to attack. Klopp’s most certainly needs a few lessons on how not to concede.


Always good to beat the Scousers :grin:

Rashford is a smashing player. Took both goals well.
Mata unlucky not to score from an overhead





Wonder will Jamie be going on “gardening leave” for a while .


Sure while I’m here …

KERRY 0-11


Sky have suspended Jamie Carragher. I think he has lost a gig in Danish TV or somewhere else.


I thought I saw him on Danish TV earlier. If it wasn’t him it was the spit of him …




I don’t know what’s worse, Carragher’s behaviour or that Photoshop :wink:


Not my work, unfortunately (it’d be worse if it was).


I didn’t think it was beeko, I thought maybe you were pen pals with Andrea Bocelli… :wink:


Only after dark, then we’re on equal terms.
Bob Carrogees (sp?) looks every bit the 80’s scouser in the picture.


City beat Stoke 2-0. If they beat Everton they can clinch the title v Utd :grin:


Can city win the CL ?


Probably but only because Dublin aren’t in it…


Who is this Mo Salah lad? And de Bruyene? Chelsea should sign them both.




City one win away from the title and with a handy one next week.