Premier League 2017/18


I like Klopp’s style of play but you need your team to be capable of defending. Mourinho could learn a thing or two from Klopp’s on how to attack. Klopp’s most certainly needs a few lessons on how not to concede.


Always good to beat the Scousers :grin:

Rashford is a smashing player. Took both goals well.
Mata unlucky not to score from an overhead





Wonder will Jamie be going on “gardening leave” for a while .


Sure while I’m here …

KERRY 0-11


Sky have suspended Jamie Carragher. I think he has lost a gig in Danish TV or somewhere else.


I thought I saw him on Danish TV earlier. If it wasn’t him it was the spit of him …




I don’t know what’s worse, Carragher’s behaviour or that Photoshop :wink:


Not my work, unfortunately (it’d be worse if it was).


I didn’t think it was beeko, I thought maybe you were pen pals with Andrea Bocelli… :wink:


Only after dark, then we’re on equal terms.
Bob Carrogees (sp?) looks every bit the 80’s scouser in the picture.


City beat Stoke 2-0. If they beat Everton they can clinch the title v Utd :grin:


Can city win the CL ?


Probably but only because Dublin aren’t in it…


Who is this Mo Salah lad? And de Bruyene? Chelsea should sign them both.