Premier League 2017/18


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Always thought this guy had a huge over-estimation of his own abilities.


I thought he was brilliant towards the end of his time at Arsenal but yeah, very inconsistent over his career.


It’s always tough for the Nasrine in Lent


I reckoned a while back that 78 points would be enough for City. On that now and home and hosed.


Home and hosed a long while now. Bad result for Chelsea though with Liverpool and spurs winning yesterday


Aye. If United win tomorrow night then the Top 4 probably as is now.




Chelsea seem to have downed tools. Getting knocked out of ECL would finish them off. Survive and their focus will be totally on that.

Spurs and Liverpool are flying and United’s potential 9 point cushion should be enough even for them.


Just looking at the league table, imagine if Burnley overtook Arsenal.


Absolutely possible on current form and with Wenger on the way out, there would be a huge ask for the new manager to turn this dead season around. Playing pure muck at the moment.


Matic you beauty

United played all out attack and get a result but Jesus, 2nd will be decided next weekend!


Superb strike that from Matic. Hv been waiting for him to connect with one of those.
Never saw that result coming after the 1st half shambles.


Teams sometimes do that when they go 2 down to relegation material … after 54 minutes …


This is some article


Moving to the London Stadium has been a disaster atmosphere wise . Still though , these West Ham heavies are scum .


Another false dawn for Jurgen’s Reds …


Feckin terrible game by ref, 4 penalty shouts 2 stonewall, Valencia should have seen straight red and Rashford a second yellow, may have put a different complection on that game. Seriously inconsistent refereeing with respect to the high foot. Stopping for injuries that aren’t head collision and not affecting the play. Long ball united, good luck to that :frowning:


None of the front three showed up today . Had lots of possession but just couldn’t create much . I suppose it’s not in Kloops dna to park the bus , Jose sure has no problem .