Premier League 2017/18


Dave Whelan broke his leg in an FA cup final for those who don’t know.


So did Roy Dwight after scoring the first goal for Forest in 1959 … his cousin was Reggie.


Fair play to Elton he was passionate about football long before it was fashionable. He was more in tune with the game when watford chairperson than all the eejits running clubs today.


Wasn’t there a Dave Whelan (An Caislean os Synge St) pushing for a spot with Dublin in the early-mid 80’s?


And after all that, still gets the time to run DubMatchTracker!


There was. Ended up playing county for Wicklow.


Yeah he s a good mate of Niall Quinn


An caislean , togged our for them a couple of times at juvenile meself. Whelan like most of caislean attended drimnagh castle cbs.


You & I probably teammates at some stage then.


Wonder was Aguero spat on ?


That’s the Nike “swish”.


Well spotted !


The lad he hit looks about 15 in pictures from other angles


Would been around 85-86 I think. I did nt go to the castle but I played for walkinstown ath or wsaf as they were then known in soccer and some Caislean lads played for them too. I remember one game v good counsel which was abandoned after an almighty melee. Pat cassells john o malley were playing


Had a few good battles with Counsel all right.
Played for WSAF too for a couple of years.
Pat Cassells was a regular for a lot of years.


Went to mourne rd school , plenty of counsel heads there , shower of bowsies.


Mourne Road school looked rough even from the outside!


Is it not just a tick? Yer man was a bit of a tick anyway


Knew his name rang a bell , the Wigan manager was manager of Sligo Rovers for 5 years . Fair play to him on his success


Keep your eye on the ball… ALL of the time.