Premier League 2017/18


Plenty of first team experience in that Spurs team yesterday. Some players with Champions’ League experience. The team Spurs sent out was good enough on paper to easily beat Rochdale yet Rochdale went out and played ball.


Only one maybe two players you could call reserve players, Foyth who cost more than the who Rochdale squad, stadium and surrounding area to buy and Vorm who has more international caps than the Rochdale team and would be playing in goal for most premier league clubs but chose the handy one. The rest would be first squad


plenty of experience and 11 changes , if there was an important game tomorrow as it stands , 8/9 of those 11 wouldn’t start.

That said , they played poorly yesterday and don’t deserve to be playing the ‘big games’.


I’ll stand over my original post, it was great to see a team not compromising their style of play just because they were playing a far superior outfit.


I disagree - you have a team playing attacking football and while nice to see are bottom of their league.
They were up for the match yesterday, but if it was the starting eleven of both teams yesterday and the players heads were at the game - there would have been a hammering.


Did Bibi play?


No - but few of the spurs lads were playing like dancing dessie


They’re nailed on for relegation. But how can it be argued that playing a more ugly style of play would have seen them avoid relegation? Or have a chance of avoiding relegation? All hypothetical.


All hypothetical indeed.
From their managers interview after the game , they are a bit green at times and switch off and concede goals. also teams in their league aren’t all going to go out the same way and play - they’ll sit back and catch them on the break.

Don’t think Ireland can just switch it on and play football , if they do they will be opened up and punished - so as a result we sit back and play defensively.


… and get opened up and punished. :wink:


Wouldn’t say they’re nailed on for relegation, they’ve 4 games in hand on the 2 teams above them, 5 and 6 games in hand on the teams 3 and 5 places above them. I know you’d prefer the points on the board but it’s not like they’re cut adrift at the bottom and a performance like yesterday could help them kick on to a strong finish in the league


City knocked out of the cup by Wigan :joy::joy::clap::clap:


Aguero clattering a fan at the end won’t end well for him regardless of what the fan was saying to him.

City Fans loosening the advertsing boards as well and chucking them at the police and stewards


Pep acting like a prick as well.


Yeah - all City’s fault … fans get on the pitch and threaten and abuse players. I’d say Trump is possibly behind all this. With Russian collusion of course.


Did Johnny cooper play for city tonight ? Seeing as we re pissing you off about citeh we might as well rile you up about jc too.


Any fan that goes up to a player like that should be getting a ban .Wtf was Augero supposed to do there ? For all he knew yer man could have been about to throw a punch too . Scum .


I’m just happy that Utd might win something now … :wink:


One could never be happy about that, though utd are a bit like Meath these days , not as good as they were so it’s hard to laugh at them.


And again, “fans” wonder why they were caged behind fences for so many years?
Congrats, etc to Wigan but I hope they get a big fine for their lack of crowd control.