Premier League 2017/18


Salomon Rondon’s actions today were pure class. Great to see so much compassion and humanity in a game that rarely displays same.


Will this lead to an internal wages war?


That’s a line for the papers. Outside of ddg and pogba the rest can go ■■■■ themselves


But does it curb the amount they can spend on new signings?


If your an Arsenal fan , you may want to look away .
I threw up a little …


Liverpool missing a glorious chance to put some daylight between themselves and 5th spot.



Just looking at that video above, what a crock of shit top level soccer has become. Its a video game.


They are well over the magic 40 point mark. Season objective achieved.


Read an article recently where they explained that as a result of the FIFA games, a lot of kids follow players now rather than teams.


True and progressing all the time even though they’ve just sold their best player but still only 1 defeat in 19 & 4 in 34 games this season! Only 7 goals short of last seasons total,unbeaten in Europe & have the Champions League Knock Out stages to look forward to for the 1st time in 9 years!


had plenty of gilt edged chances last night as well. All of Salah, Mane and Firmino missed chances that should have been scored. Interesting to see him make Can the captain. Is he there the longest at this stage of the starting 11 last night?


Was there rumours of him being sold on at one stage, earlier this season?
A much better and more versatile player than Jordan Henderson, in my opinion.


Out of contract at the end of the season. Still negotiating with Liverpool but keeping his options open by all accounts. Stumbling block over the insertion of a minimum release clause into the contract apparently


I wouldn’t bother replying tbh.


Very true especially when people wouldn’t admit what club they support but love throw the sly remarks


He’s not shy here in fairness.


Ah ffs lads grow a pair it was only a joke - nothing sly about it. Liverpool supporters - the eternal victims.


Oh dear …:eyes:


Shocking really!