Premier League 2017/18


Conte will be getting the bullet soon. You are nearly guaranteed the sack if you win something with Chelsea


Something seriously wrong when players who win 2 league titles in three years seem to stop trying for their manager the following season.




Ah at least they got 5 penos in the end after diving for them all night …


They don’t have any goalscorers anymore. Once they sold Costa they were always going to struggle as he guaranteed them goals


Indeed … and things are fairly desperate when you’re chasing Andy Carroll …


Scoring goals is a problem for them but Hazard, Luiz, Pedro, Moses, to name but a few, couldn’t seem to care less, as far as I can see.


£450,000 a week for Sanchez. Bang of desperation off that deal.


Especially after he gets the hump over the slightest thing


I don’t see it with him, he’s a poor man’s Suarez imo but then again maybe he’s just been treading water at Arsenal.


Where are you seeing that figure? RTE reporting £27m over 4 1/2 years, which is about £500k per month.


Then I come across this…


He wouldn’t get out of bed for £500k per month …

I read he was looking for basic wages of about £350,000 per week. Understandable - it’s a short career. If he ‘worked’ (ho ho ho) for that rate for 5 years he would only ‘earn’ (ho ho ho) £91 million , hardly enough to live out his years …


Chelsea apparently being linked with Peter Crouch and Andy Carroll.
The club that let Mo Salah, Kevin de Bruyne and Lukaku leave.


He’s been phoning it in for a while at Arsenal . He was great in the beginning . I’d expect him to be rejuvinated just like he was when he left Barcelona.He seems though to be good at the start but when things aren’t going his way his form & enthusiasm seems to drop . That would be a worry in the long term at united but maybe things will be differently for him there . United are improving while Arsenal seem to be going in the opposite direction.Time will tell .


James McCarthy with a horrible injury :mask:


As a United fan an absolute steal. Still can’t believe Arsenal settled for this.


“Straight swap” meaning now cash involved?




Not really considering the Van Persie sale in the past . But if a player wants out & was going for a free in the summer they had to do something. Unless Mhyki wanted out too it’s an awful deal for Arsenal , I had heard he wanted to stay .


Didn’t want out initially by all accounts