Premier League 2017/18


Presumably he’ll be despondent after Sterling’s dive yesterday so…


Except for you.


Just like their compliance with drug testers. Must come down from their manager


A classy individual is Pep. Poor ould Raheem was the subject of your typical boorish English fan behaviour. You always get abuse for moving to a bigger club to make yourself a better player.


If someone bites will you stop and take your lunchbreak?


Big disappointment so far .


Either does Jim Gavin but it doesn’t stop a few players doing it :wink:


Cracking goal by Valencia.
time to shut up shop Jose.


Chelsea are gick.




Willian is a good talent and never stops trying (just robbed of a penalty*). Azpilicueta, Courtois and Kante are top class. The rest are brutal.

  • What’s the point in VAR? Major f-up by the referee to not even consult it.


Apparently he did - clearly kicked into the defender - which is also cheating. Jenas is a gobshite.


Lineker, Shearer, Zola and Dublin all disagree with you.


All strikers …, the guy cheated all day. If Keown, Neville or Lawro were there they’d tell the truth.


You take this Devil’s Advocate role very seriously.
Game is teed up for a Norwich breakaway goal or a David Luiz f*** up.


Phil Neville says it was a penalty. Another striker.
Pedro gone. Two correct yellows.


Seriously - I really think he kicked into the defenders leg for a pen. You can clearly see it.

Be nice to see Wes tap one in from 40 yards. He just got a red for Pedro. Eamo will be ‘over the moon’.


Did he ring you or is he in your Whatsapp group?


I don’t think Willian is like that. Pedro? Definitely. Willian, no.
Great to hear so many disgruntled Chelsea fans, however.


Ref has had enough. Chelsea only have 9 peno takers. :joy:

Chelsea’s reward for diving all night. as bad as any of them …