Premier League 2017/18


Good to see the interviews and respect after and not the dour blame everyone else sh1te we’re used to.


"What the ■■■■ was that "


Just saw this! In the Premier League thread?? Anyway, always love seeing Groucho, cheers.



I think they are getting the best out of us tbh as we’ve no world class players or anyone who’s above average except for Coleman, Wes Hoolahan is the only player who seems to get better the more he sits on the bench. It’s a results based job and can’t see anyone else doing better.


O Neill is a bit outdated to take a premiership job to be honest . I don’t think it would have worked out for him

The Irish job is a cushier number for him as he hits retirement age - part time, well paid an no match for 6 months . he’s better off staying with Ireland with keane as a decent number 2 .


I’d just like someone different to come in , introduce new players , maybe try a different style . Blow up the team & give youth a chance.


Paul Lambert New Stoke Manager - strange one that!


Andy Carroll to Chelsea might top it yet :slight_smile:


Conte’s lack of enthusiasm for his job is clearly rubbing off on his players. They look like a bunch that are going through the motions despite the fact that they have a mouth watering tie with Barca coming up.


[gritted teeth] cracking display by Liverpool yesterday [/gritted teeth]


Game of the season so far.


looks like the greatest team in the history of football arent all that after all.


Keane might still end up as no.2 so.


Amazed that Bobby got away with his blatant push in the back against one of the English dahlings. Most woes self-inflicted - City were very shoddy with some passing in defence - Delph, Fernandinho and Otamendi especially loose not to mention … Ederson. You will get away with that against most teams in the PL but not a team with the Fab 3.


One man’s push is another man’s outmuscling.


Fowler got a similar goal for liverpool against united in the 90s. almost carbon copy. Stones was terrible. nothing at all wrong with the goal


Foul all day for me but nobody complained … surprise, surprise. If it was JM or AW …


Stones was piss poor there. If he went down under the nudge then maybe.


He should have. But Pep doesn’t like his players diving. That’s the honesty of City for you.


The honesty of not claiming for a nonexistent foul.

God bless soccer.