Premier League 2016/17


I still think City will go through but Guardiola has been terrible too. Toure should be on long ago.


Piss poor - one sub made!! Guardiola with Barca a bit like Micko in the 70s - couldn’t miss.

Monaco will get a tanking yet - very ordinary. And then there was Leicester … the best league in the world … :joy:


Pep’s pony needs a new trick, Citeh are going back into the land of reality. Remarkable effort by Leicester in fairness. Mourinho surely on the way out too. Pepsi+Klopper realising that the dream is just about money. Oh wait, they knew that. Premier Lg is a shambles of course.


Interesting article on the cost of SKY & BT for pubs


Guardiola’s problem was that Zlatan wasn’t good enough. Ibrahimovic really has a greatly inflated ego.


Ex Gunner Lucas Podolski scores in his 130th and final cap for Germany against England , what a way to go out !
Just saw it on twitter , absolute screamer !!


Not bad at all.


Is Phil Neville taking the pi$$ here?


Nowhere near as much as those who chose Alli & Defoe. Kante a good choice probably should have won last year.


That’s the end of joey barton


I actually feel some sympathy for him. He has not denied it and didn’t bet on games in which he was involved and no mention of match fixing.
Every second ad on Sky Sports or ITV during a live game is for an online betting company.


yeah , harsh ban in my view.

karma catching up with him


By my reckoning if Chelsea win the title that will be 4 Italian managers that have won the premiership , and NOT one team managed by an English man has ever won the title , which is incredibly really .


TV3 report said that Seamus Coleman had spoken for the first time since breaking his leg. I presume they meant publicly …

Did David Moyes not win it with United? :joy:


Big Sam will put an end to that next season !


Apparently, it was the shortest possible ban the FA could give him…

What I don’t get is this part…

It (The FA) also said it accepted his betting was “not calculated to make money” which it said “mitigates the gravity of his offending” and that he was not trying to “fix” matches.

Why else do people bet if it’s not calculated to make money???


I just bet for the fun. I hate it when I win.


Concept never crossed my mind.


i get as much satisfaction on a euro accumulator that returns a tenner , than throwing on 50 on something at evens.

he has a point - moneys not really a driving factor when your an average millionaire footballer


Ah, I was saying it tongue in cheek.
If you’re betting to try to make money, I think you’ve a problem.