Premier League 2016/17


You’d put Kante in your pocket but what a player.


5 foot 6 dominating a game , remarkable .


It’s amazing how fickle supporters can be. 15 months ago, Chelsea fans were abusing Costa, Fabregas and Hazard for “letting down” Mourinho. Now we had them last night calling Mourinho “Judas”. Mourinho himself is not short of irony. Labelling Chelsea as defensive under Conte? They have have conceded the fewest league goals jointly with Tottenham, but they have only been outscored by Liverpool. The most defensive Man Utd team in living memory is probably being held back by his tactics.


And Utd fans singing Jose’s name. Although his comment later about Judas still being no.1 was funny.

Hard to even work out what the formation was last night, were Darmian and Young both playing left back (or left wing back) or what was going on, had the 3 centre halves, Darmian, then young. Valencia ‘on his own’ on the right.


I wonder what Ibrahimovic and Mourinho made of Rojo’s footwork late on?


It’s terrible watching an horrendous figure like Costa taking on an equally horrendous figure on the opposition touchline. It’s a pity in such circumstances that both teams can’t lose. At least one of them did I suppose.


Costa is a blight, indeed. But I do like Antonio Conte. Chelsea are much better to watch under Conte than under Mourinho. Conte’s certainly getting the best out of a great player like Willian and making players like Moses and Luiz look a lot better than they probably are - with the help of Kante. Is Kante sponsored by Duracell?


Moses has been reborn while Luiz second coming has been Lazarus like - both testament to a good manager…


Jesus Christ!


Love Conte, just wish he hadn’t taken over Chelski. Will they EVER not just bleedin’ GO AWAY??!


Harry Kane out for the next few weeks at least with an ankle injury. That’s one player Spurs can ill-afford to be without.


He got away with it. Clear cut stamp, if you ask me.


City absolutely abject so far. Truly shocking.


That’s the worst 45 minutes I’ve ever seen from a PL team in the UCL. A disgrace.


City always perplex me . They have a proven manager & some top class players yet always seem timid when away from home in Europe . Sane doing well tonight though .


I think he is facking atrocious



Top lad :sunglasses:


He’s still facking atrocious - he actually nearly missed it. Brutal


He was creating a lot , not his fault the others were rubbish .


He’s crap. Simple as. Crap.