Premier League 2016/17


Yeah I thought it was done on purpose.

Can’t really blame The Big Swede for doing what he did as I probably would have done the same myself.


Will he use the same defence of his case as what he said when he kicked Seamus Coleman in the head?


That was different though.

BTW I’m not standing up for him and I actually dislike him a lot.


Whether it was different or not, he shouldn’t have done it - he shows himself up for what he is - a scumbag. What he did was different also from what Mings did (and I’m not defending Mings, either). Mings (merciless?) act was spur of the moment. While what Mings did is inexcusable, Ibrahimovic revenge was premeditated. I hope they both get lengthy bans.



Cheerio Arsene …


Hard to see him staying after that . But they might just wait til the end of the season .


He’ll be lucky to get to midnight!! :flushed:


Arsenal TV should be interesting tonight :joy:. Surely the board will have to take heed of how the fans are feeling . Theyll be baying for blood after that .


Is there an Arsenal TV? What is the sky channel number? I always thought only Pool and Manure had them things…

It was on the box tonight while I did some work on the laptop, I barely lifted my head from the screen during the game. 10 years ago, I would have been glued to the screen. This team have gone so backward it’s nearly crass. That man is a legend in the club, but I reckon his time is done. When Spurs finish above them he will quit.


Its the fan TV , surprised you haven’t heard of it . Its very frank to be honest , no holds barred ! Here’s a sample of it


Frank?? FFS. Never heard of it. Jesus, I thought I was a supporter! Holy Jesus!


Very much a tarnished legend now, though. The first man to put up a sustained challenge against the dominance of Man Utd under Ferguson, it is sad to see where he is now.
That said, knowing Arsenal and Spurs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Arsenal go on a run now to finish above Spurs with Spurs falling away similar to last season.


Arsenal are done. Spurs will finish 2nd again


When did Spurs finish 2nd Al? You said again…


Fixed that for you.


Should be called Bellend TV.


The old clock at Highbury was stopped a few weeks ago… at five past…
Now it’s stopped and ten-two.


I meant they will finish 4th. '2nd again’ :slight_smile:


Called up to the Ireland Senior squad.