Premier League 2016/17


yeah - wouldn’t be bothered reading the comments section in most online pieces.
stick to forums - old school


And The hunted Foxes are running in ever decreasing circles, will they win another game? They are fooked in that they’ll never sack Ranieri. Maybe they don’t care


I’d say its unique in EPL history that the Champions could not mathematically retain their title with a third of the season to go …


Arsenal thumped in Europe, yet again. It’s like Wenger feels compelled to play his big signings down the years, no matter how much they have failed him. Ozil is a waste of space.
Xabi Alonso? What a class player, still. How on earth did Real let him go? How on earth did Benitez force him out of Liverpool, deeming Gareth effin’ Barry to be a better player?


Arsenal and Wenger are a absolute joke at this stage. Arsenal is nothing more than a PLC that the majority shareholders are happy with because they couldn’t give a fiddlers about winning trophies just qualifying for the champions league and maintaining profit margins is enough.
The worst thing about all this is if Wenger had of walked like he should have last year Arsenal could’ve had Conte as manager. Now there is no top coach in Europe that will want the job or is available.
2004 invincible dare a distant memory now. They may end up like Liverpool false dawns and a good cup team that qualifies for champions league occasionally.


Will Leicester be relegated, the season after being champions? I don’t think they will be.
The last champions to be relegated in the following season were Manchester City, winners in 1936-37, relegated in 1937-38. Remarkably, they were the league’s top scorers, had a plus goal difference, finished only 16 points behind the champions, Arsenal (only two points awarded for a win - three points per win would have left them 23 points behind Arsenal), yet got relegated.



Who ate all the pies?


hes resigned now


The weight of evidence is against him


Slow news day, just a filler.


If City want to continue to play from the back like that they need to sign Cluxton


Leicester sack Ranieri

Terrible decision, players need a good kick up the hole


Oh I dunno … I mean if we don’t win in Donegal …


Agreed… and the board should have supported him more last summer to convince Kante to stay. Kante has been the biggest difference to Leicester and Chelsea this season compared to last. A League winning team should NEVER sell one of its best players for the following season to a team in the same league. It’s one thing losing a player to Real or Barca but to lose a player to a club who weren’t going to be in the Champions’ League shows that Leicester’s standards and aims for the 2016/17 season were the exact same as at the start of the 2015/16 season/



still don’t see the fascination of transfer fees when wages for the top clubs are 200 million a year in wages


Just catching up on last night’s MOTD. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a scumbag.


Did Mings mean to stamp on him?


He took a sly look beforehand so you could say he had a chance to avoid Zlatan’s head.

Can see both of them picking up a few match bans each