Premier League 2016/17


Club like those in Spain put unrealistic buy out clauses for the top players - However the reality is the players will force the move - at the point your hand as the selling club is weakened somewhat.

As fans you hope the players are as loyal as you are with your love for the club , The reality is somewhat different , i have mates that are Liverpool fans who still haven’t gotten over Michael Owen leaving !!


Probably more to do with him ultimately joining Man Utd! :wink:


ha ha - Prob first player in a long time to leave liverpool for better things at madrid (although it didnt work out to well for him). The players that left afterwards have gone with good wishes


McManamin wasn’t too far before him was he?


yeah only 5 years before hand - but this was ignored by my mates - hence the slagging we use to give them about the ‘pool rule’


Some bad defeats for Liverpool lately, and Pep must be under pressure now


10 games in a month is taking it’s toll on an average squad

Just can’t afford to lose to the likes of Swansea, Bournemouth etc and expect to challenge for trophies. But they are heading in the right direction under Klopp and I enjoy watching them at the moment.


I used to love watching Dortmund whenever I got a chance, the atmosphere at home was electric, and they played fantastic football. I do think Klopp is a great manager, just that the quality of player at Liverpool is just not good enough. Realistically, Coutinho is the only real genuine world class player in the squad, whereas at BD he had 4/5 of that kind.

I don’t watch a lot of premiership football, as I find it over hyped by sky, when it’s plainly obvious that la ligue is the best in the world! But I will watch Arsenal (have a little grá for them) and Liverpool or Chelsea, for obvious reasons. Even city are poor to watch, their flair seems curtailed oddly enough under Pep.

I guess I’m trying to say, Klopp will most likely succeed, he just needs more transfer windows and 2/3 more real quality players. I think Pool would be mad to get rid!


Liverpool’s main problem will be holding onto their top players and attracting new players without silverware. Their current form is a big cause for concern, heavy fixture load or not. Top 4 is a must to hold onto/attract quality. Only four points separate 2nd place from 5th.

But I agree, Klopp does set his teams out to play energetic, adventurous and attacking football.

I think Firmino is as good as Coutinho. But Liverpool still need a 20-goal-per-season striker, at least one class central defender and a holding midfielder of better quality than Henderson. I think Lucas is a better shout than Henderson, to be honest.

And I can remember a certain Bartholomew J Simpson on a previous incarnation of ressers saying as much as this…


Can’t believe Long is 30


Liverpool clearly concentrating on the Premiership …


Better chance of winning Sam


An interesting piece about the real Lovern and not the footballer we give out about on bad days!


His uncles brother?? Soooo his uncle?


Not necessarily, could be his uncle through marriage and therefore would be his uncle’s brother.


Only ONE English player scored in the Premier League over the weekend. And that goal was scored for a Welsh team!






Lovely gesture from Pep.


Was indeed - alas some of the comments below it (the norm in these cases) give a clue as to why we live in such a fu**ed up world …