Premier League 2016/17


Dunphy has a new podcast out , details below .
The Brady interview was very good .
Podcast is called The Stand


What if you can’t Stand Dunphy?



Is that from Nighthawks?


I think so :grin:


Big win for Liverpool tonight.

Closes the gap on Chelsea who hopefully might struggle over the Christmas but I doubt it as they are on some run.


Both teams grinding out victories, Chelsea especially.


Yeah and I’d say Costa knew exactly what he was doing getting suspended for the Bournemouth game at home instead of missing a more difficult game over the Christmas


Bournemouth are no pushover. Chelsea have had easy games on paper since their win over Man City but have ground out the 1-0’s. Last night’s win was a big one for Liverpool - didn’t play exactly well but got over the line in their Derby match. Chelsea should get by without Costa for the one match ban, but if he gets injured for a few games, he’ll be a big loss. They’ve no real alternative to him as an out-and-out striker.


No pushovers but an easier game then Stoke or Spurs who are their next opponents so I’d say he knew what he was at getting suspended for the Bournemouth game instead of missing a potential more difficult game


Pardew sacked - shame


Got the vote of confidence last week …




Firminio is the latest player to have his gaff burgled.


Why Liveroool won’t win the Premiership …
• Arsenal - Win
• Chelsea - Win
• Burnley - Lose
• Bournemouth - Lose
• Man City - Win
• Swansea - Lose


I see Coutinho has signed a 5 year deal. That’s as good as signing any new player. No release clause, either, I believe.


The players release clause will be if they want to go and stop playing !!


I am still trying to work that one out … no - sorry … you have me there.


You know the player you have, he’s settled, etc… You can buy a player who is performing very well elsewhere but then doesn’t settle in his new club for any number of reasons. If Coutinho was sold and Liverpool cashed in on buying a new player or players, you may not get the same return. Liverpool got a huge wad for Sanchez but a lot of it was not re-invested wisely. This has been repeated by many, many clubs over the years.


That’s a fair point, but not all players are Diego Costas or Dmitri Payets. The club, I’d imagine, can insist on a higher fee without a get-out clause.