Premier League 2016/17


What a greedy c*nt…


Livepool just a defence away from winning the Prem …


Jesus Spurs are pure muck. Janssen? Sissoko? Woeful. Delli Ali non existent, Wanyama too. Nothing on the bench either


What an utter toerag Diouf is


B, Can you post the correct article that brought you to that conclusion?



Diouf just can’t let it go. He was a failure at Liverpool (and most other clubs he played at)… Spitting at spectators? You could use up your data allowance compiling a rap sheet on him, as a player and a person.


Yeah but he was just honest and consistent about Gerrard rather that lie and be fawning. SG wasn’t nice to him as far as he was concerned. I admire honesty.


But it would be like Martin McGuinness going on the Late Late and saying how little admiration he had for Maggie Thatcher, that she offered nothing to the peace process, etc… it would be nothing we didn’t know already. Diouf has spewed this tripe many times before. He was using SG’s retirement to get a few bob on the telly.


He’s on French TV all the time. He was asked the question and he said it as he saw it. I didn’t realise you were a Gerrard halo polisher too …


Bloody hell, French TV must be desperate…

Anything but with Gerrard. A very good player, maybe… but no Ronnie Whelan or Roy Keane in my book.


Real shame this thread is dieing a death here on the new forum , when Man U were still competitive you had a few teams with their own threads . Alas , their demise has seen the mancs lose interest . Anyway , enjoyable game tonight , Everton well worth the win & a nice goal from Sheamus as well :blush:. Arsenal just weren’t up for it in the end .


Yeah its a lot quieter than it use to be.
Chelsea looking good - No europa or league cup games in the last while has done them the world of good, more time to prepare and recover for games , costa playing each game - same as united the year they qualified for the CL with Louie and Liverpool the year they came close to winning the league. They will hit a patch of a few games so so we’ll see where it goes from there.

Liverpool were looking good but now the keeper issue will be under the spotlight , teams will focus on him.

arsenal - well they are doing an arsenal , although having giroud on the bench is a good ploy , he seems to be doing the business when he comes on.

City - they dont know what they are doing , john stones is a liability.

Spurs - Not clicking so far this season, but hopefully will push on now after injuries

United - 9 points from the next 3 games will tell you that they are in the hunt for top 4 - anything less and they are just a team that raises their game against the Top 6 teams.

Everton - Good result last night , but too inconsistent


Little or no strength in depth.


disagree there - Loads of injuries so far this season - Back 5 and main striker have been out injured so far this season, plus the back up full backs. Injuries in midfield as well.

Up front is lacking a bit alright, Jansen hasn’t scored from open play yet , but his build up play looks good - however he wasn’t signed for build up play !!

But even with the full strength starting 11, we haven’t sparked which is worrying but all things considered i’m happy enough where we are - albeit the CL was disappointing - was over for the game at wembley last week, some stadium - not suited for club football though.


Saldado Mark II.

Looked pretty awful in a weak enough group in the CL. Not sure of the quality of the strength in depth. Not at the level of others. Too many English players too … they backboned Ingerland in Euros and we all know what happened!


yeah fair point, you look at the English team in the euros and they were shocking and they had a spine of a spurs team in them.

CL we were poor ,resting players carrying knocks against monaco when we needed the win over the PL was baffling from the manager - as was spending 30 million on sissoko.

Soldado mark II - yeah its worrying , mark I had great movement and made great runs but was hugout to dry to an extent by AVB in the formation he played. Jansen looks great on the ball , he needs to score a few and see if he drives on - he’s still looks ok playing for Holland so hopefully hes not completely broken.


Always great TV


I have to say, I really like Klopp. I’d say he’d be a good bloke to have a few jars with. Has Liverpool playing a nice blend of ball also. Still think they’re too weak defensively to win the PL this season but they are certainly looking good for s CL spot.

Anybody else notice how lookalike Liverpool’s fitness coach is to Klopp himself? Only spotted it last night on MOTD.


John O’Shea. Why?


Fair play to Rio… not my favourite player but credit where it’s due.