Premier League 2016/17


So the insult was to Rooney? :wink:

I disagree… at what point between the second goal being scored and Rooney coming on that the game was won is open to debate but I would argue against it being exactly when the 2nd goal was scored.


obvious over the year he was not rated - yeah could have brought him on for last 10 mins but , the picture and history shows him being the captain who lifted the cup.

think he’ll do ok at everton


Sure Ajax had only 3 shots on target the whole night … the match was well won at 1-0 never mind 2.

Poor Rooney - the club captain deserved better treatment than 30 seconds - he’s not exactly a liability. I’d have told Jose to f*** off if I was called on with less than a minute to go - but I’m a bit headstrong like Al at times .

He got more game time and saw more action when he was 16 … but let’s not go there …


That was probably three more than United had in normal time of the 1999 Champions’ league Final.


That was easier than I thought!!!


Cmon you Gooners!!


Super Gunners - fully deserved winners. Feel a bit sorry for gents like Terry and Costa … :joy:


Will it merely paper over the cracks though?


It would be Giroud to talk about Wenger getting the Mertesacker now - he could be Welbeck next season but it Ospina great game …


I agree, all five should leave the club.


Well deserved win for Arsenal but it does just paper over the cracks.
Delighted that a dive was punished though I still believe it should be a straight red.

On the PL itself, Joleon Lescott has played for relegated clubs in two consecutive seasons now. Legend.


Well said, hard to believe people still defend him.


Not as popular? Understatement of the century! There used to be individual club threads with hundreds of posts. What changed lads?

By the way, which ‘United’?




I would LOVE IT if Super Kev made The Scunnies great again


Appears to be something seriously underhand in Spanish football, particularly at Real Madrid.


is a lot of it to do with image rights held offshore?


Is that not liable for tax?


it is but they don’t declare it in Spain, they hold it in lower tax countries and pay it there.


Which is illegal?