Premier League 2016/17


Sounds more like Falcon’s hero!



Clayton hated him… or at least, never rated him.


He sounds like a bloke who should be working in a National Park somewhere in Egypt …


What a horrible game. Abject performance from United yet they’re 2 up. Jose now firmly in the spoofer ranks …


Rooney comes on with 89:50 gone … what an insult.


Typical United under Jose as well, go 1-0 up & then retreat into your shell.

Anyway, thankfully Champions League football & 2 trophies puts a gloss on a poor season & hopefully things will improve next season.


He is what he is. When United went for him they were saying we want to win, regardless of the manner or style. I wouldn’t be expecting a revolution in tactics etc next year.


and to be fair , he is well suited at that club.

shower of cu…


Mourinho in post match interviews lauding Zlatan’s contribution in telling the Swedish ball-boys to slow it down when getting the ball back. Even to do that is one thing but to laugh and boast about it … Pure class.


Win. At. All. Costs.

It’s why I allow Joe Brolly his various transgressions, he appreciates that we should resist this mentality taking root in the GAA or this is the type of carry on we’ll get. You can see it creeping in with lads kicking balls off the keeper’s tee, and having lads run across the pitch at kick outs etc.


[quote=“Bosco, post:188, topic:579, full:true”]
and to be fair , he is well suited at that club.

shower of cu…
[/quote]What is it with Spurs fans and their newly found heightened sense of know-it-all-ery :grin:


I have never met as many Spurs fans as in the last couple of years - lads that I never knew supported them. It shows the wonderful way Irish people have matured in recent times that Spurs fans can come out without any fear of embarrassment or ridicule.


i have always been a spurs fan to the ridicule of many over the years. so will enjoy our second season of bottling and throwing away a league we have never been top of !!!

But united fans have been the same over all that time , albeit with winning the league the last few years.

Interesting that United and Liverpool not challenging for the league has resulted in this thread not being as popular in the years gone by


And no St. Totteringham day this year too Bosco… Did you get a nose bleed? :slight_smile:


Maith thú @Bosco

Our resident Spurs fan in the pub last night didn’t shut up through the entire game and he is possibly the worst and most bitter ABU I’ve ever come across.


No Rochey.

Would be bothered with that craic. Just enjoyed the last few years of the shadow getting shorter and shorter despite spending double on wages that spurs do each year.


To Rooney or the game?


To Ajax


I’m no apologist for Man Utd, Rooney nor Mourinho, but, in fairness, the game was won at that stage, they knew there’d be a few minutes of injury time, and it was probably Rooney’s last competitive appearance for Utd. Most clubs would make a sentimental substitution of sorts at that stage of a final.

I would have found John Terry’s substitution last Sunday more insulting, personally.


The game was won in the 50th minute. He could have given him more that 30 seconds of normal time.