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Ibrahimovic and Mourinho?




That’s a valid point but if the game doesn’t cultivate managers from their own country, they’ll never gain the experience required to manage a top club. Can you imagine if we’d gone with Mick O’Dwyer back in the day? We might never have ended up with Gilroy or Gavin in job. Yeah, perish the thought.

Agreed but it’s not realistic, is it? It’s not rational. Demanding is one thing, achieving it is another.
I heard once that Ferguson suggested that football clubs & fans had taken on board the rationale of reality TV, where the concept of voting off one candidate - the one perceived as least liked or weakest - each week, and applied it to the football world.
Now Real Madrid, you might say, shows you can chop & change manager (11 managers in the 12 years of the rule of Florentino Pérez :astonished: ). and still be successful. Just 3 league titles - the real hard currency - in that time would suggest otherwise.
Barcelona (for all that the arrogance of some of their players grates) & the manner in which they handle management changes is the model to follow IMO.

Yep. A sad state of affairs.


I shiver any time I remember that. For those of short memory, youth or revisionist tendencies, there was a period of several years when that sort of thing was a real live possibility, and even Dublin GAA people were openly talking about it.

The arrogance of Dwyer though, didn’t he say at one time at the height of it, “I was offered the job”, when in truth he wasn’t? Having said all that, and whilst openly applauding the Gilroy/Whelan appointment, if it hadn’t worked out we were looking at almost certainly somebody from outside.

The most courageous and far-sighted decision/gamble that the DCB made was in 2010, after the Wexford & Meath games, not to panic. Alot of that was down to Gilroy/Whelan convictions & belief, that they didn’t panic. I wonder would Gavin or Curran or even Dessie have been offered the job if not Gilroy (or if Gilroy had lost the job)?


Perish the thought indeed but I don’t think it is right to make comparisons between GAA and soccer in this situation. In fact the only high level soccer club that you could compare Gavin’s appointment with is Barcelona. The last 3 appointments have come from within the clubs coaching system, very similar to Gavin. Yes it is the ideal model to follow but it only works when you have a turnover of manager every 3/4 years because people need to see opportunity to move up the ladder. So, if you are in say Giggs’ position, you have a carrot at the end of the stick.
Now if you take the situation Manchester United are in, they put their neck out on Moyes, it failed. They went to steady the ship with an old experienced manager, it failed. Now they are backed into a corner and the only out is go for someone that nearly guarantees instant impact and success.
In an ideal world, for the United board, Van Gaal would have made top 4 and stayed on another year leaving Giggs to take over. But the fact he failed and lost the backing of the fans in the process has left Woodward and co. with no choice but to take the short term solution and worry about the potential consequences should they occur in the future.

It leaves Giggs in a tough position, stick around another 3 years as a coach or U21 manager and half hope Jose fails. Or leave and go into management at a smaller club where if he fails there is little hope of him landing his dream job as United manager.


Giggs is never working with JM. The Special One will make his life hell, the jealousy alone (JM will be horribly jealous of Gigg’s standing in the club, and the threat he poses to his power. Gigg’s will be increasingly unhappy at having to be the ball-boy) will see that fall apart. I’d be surprised if we don’t hear alot of noises & posturing soon, Giggs would want some serious guarantees, JM will threaten not to take the job, that sort of thing.

Giggs may well get offered a job elsewhere as manager, and look to return to MU when he’s made his own way. Overall though I’d give Gary Neville a better chance of being the next MU manager after JM if he wants it.


Can only guess and read the newspapers but Giggs has supposedly been offered the role as U21 manager. Step down from Assistant but still a decent role.


U21 manager for the Kilkenny hurlers?


Couldn’t do worse


And join the ranks of Bruce, Mark Hughes, Solskjaer, Keane, Ince… It’s a jungle, out there. Come to think of it, not a huge number of the Ferguson era have really taken the plunge into management nor shone as top, top managers. Top players don’t often make top managers. Doesn’t stop them trying though!

Hey if Davy Fitz & Donal Óg can work side-by-side… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A marriage of equal(ego)s :smirk:


Thanks Jamie!


PIC: Man arrested after wearing deeply offensive t-shirt mocking Hillsborough tragedy


If anyone has any doubts. This Mourinho chap is a complete scumbag. He eye gouged a member of the opposition on the sideline. His treatment of the team doctor. His treatment of his fellow professional managers. Cannot abide him at all. As much as I have little time for the premiership, I do have a small interest in Arsenal, but I’d rather finish top 4 for a couple of decades, than have short term success at the expense of the club… I’d say he may well win stuff with Utd, but the club could take a long time to rebuild after his departure. Good luck to them.


[quote=“Rochey, post:35, topic:376”]
I’d say he may well win stuff with Utd, but the club could take a long time to rebuild after his departure. Good luck to them.
[/quote]That’s my quandary with him as well Rochey.

As a United fan, I want the club be successful but at what cost if Mourinho turns it into his own soap opera.


Just saw a short clip of an interview on YouTube following his appointment. Jaysus, he’s like a boy on his communion day - 40 yrs too late. As if butter wouldn’t melt…

How long before the mask slips, I wonder?


United have become an also ran at this stage. Getting them back into Top 4 is his first priority and this can and probably will be done by pragmatic means. Solid defence and low scoring wins. If Pep turns up the entertainment levels elsewhere in the City it may put pressure on JM but the fans can’t have it every way.


He’s a ■■■■, I doubt he can hide it for long.


The trial with Eva going on this week, not going to do anything for his ‘image’. Whole situation, in blaming her, was ridiculous. The sh*te he has the potential to spark off at any stage.
He’ll be under more pressure pretty quickly at Utd than he was at Chelsea, so anything could happen!


Just reading they’ve settled the case, so the ‘real’ dirt won’t come out I guess(until the book!). Utd will be relieved I guess!