Predictions for 2019- Politics


Another thing that struck me while reading, I wonder how many on this site have worked or know Irish people that have worked abroad illegally? I have and know hundreds, I worked in both Spain and the States illegally, loads of my friends and neighbours left Ireland in the mids 70s to the mid 80s, almost all of them worked for a period of time without permits etc, most worked long hours and did jobs for less pay than the locals were willing to work at or for. Most of them eventually either came home or got their situation sorted out.
I don’t remember anyone in Ireland at the time complaining about them going abroad to look for a better life, in fact I remember people feeling sorry for them and wishing them well . I remember people saying things like " Isn`t great that they have GAA or whatever in Boston so the poor lads don’t feel homesick", But if immigrants in Ireland cling to their culture, we are told they are refusing integrate.


Spot on @bigp. Anyone who has had through necessity go to work abroad should know the first thing you cling to is your irishness, I knew a few lads that worked on sites and had no gra for education try to use the cuapla focail.

The handful of people not born hear is insignificant compared to the millions of irish born living all over the world.


Was he saying they had a better work ethic? Thats my experience but then the lazy poles hardly get this far.


As far as I can recall, he wasn’t belittling the Poles, etc…
My point was more about the fact that the English foreigner and himself had the same native language and, therefore, were looked upon as being the same. The “boss” I mention would be an industry professional and native of Santry.