Predictions for 2019- Politics


There’s no doubt that the wealth divide is out of control and is the biggest issue facing modern society. There’s a very strong case for a wealth cap of some sort. Just how much money does someone need? Socialism & communism have shown that effort needs to be rewarded but the 1% have far too much of the worlds wealth.

Even premiership footballs earning 100s of 1000s a week for playing sport. Or yerman at United getting a 25 million pound pay off for being crap at his job. It’s nuts. Movie stars. Hedge fund managers. Raking in millions and millions. When others are sleeping rough or families are living in hotels.


It has always been thus. And it’s unlikely to change.


I am been facetious here , but its called capitalism. I am reading a book at the moment called 'moneyland ’ ,sunday times gave it the the best business book of 2018.Jaw dropping kleptocracy in it

This is one i finished over xmas ,one word sums it up, depressing .


There was always inequality but nothing this entrenched and as pronounced and blatant. And we seem to have reverted back to the kind of mindset that existed during feudal times, where the entitlement of kings was unchallenged, in that this is the natural way of things. And there is no alternative.

Thankfully there are signs that a large amount of the population are coming around to the idea that that is not the case, and that change is possible.


Agreed. It was never so vast and never did so few control so much of the media. Besides, just because it was always there, doesn’t mean we should just accept it. There’s a serious and growing discontent about. How someone like trump managed to persuade people that he was on their side is the scary part, the control of the media is how they pull off that kind of stroke.


I realize that and for all it’s flaws it’s still the best system we have but the super rich are just too damn rich at this stage.


The only people creating divisions in society are racists like yourself.


Just out of interest, but where does that leave kids with 1 Irish Parent, and one non native?
Are they regarded as indigenous?


Witty, you can get as angry as you want. If you cannot understand what I am trying to say, there is little else I can do. If there is no discussion about any of this, no actual plan for integration, then the actual racists will multiply and grow strong. You calling me a racist won’t shut me up. I don’t know who you are and an unconcerned what you think of me. I will say though, that your choice of online moniker is at best inaccurate.


Do you want integration though or would you prefer to have minimal immigration?

I do agree that integration is crucial for a successful country down the line


Give it over, your only plan for integration is that brown people shouldn’t be let in. Integrate all you want if you’re white and Christian, any one else can go back to where they came from.


I think it was really, as somebody said above, in Feudal times. For me, what was known as democracy has reached its natural end, run its course, and we’re in this period of transition til something else emerges that becomes more the norm globally. How will we get there? Who knows. In the past it was always major wars and mass movements. The huge migrations of our times is one thing that repeats the past. And there are alot of wars in many places, big and small scale with the likelihood of that just increasing.

Most of all the environmental collapses that we are living through now will bring about the greatest mass shift in humanity’s way of living anyway.
As for political shifts and media control I think it’s all a bit chicken and egg, people are seeing it too much in the context of what used to be the majority way of the world, which is all but gone. People allow stuff to happen for a reason, its not simply the case that things like Trump come along and the masses are passive victims, as if it could magically be prevented or changed somehow, it more reflects where the USA, UK etc have got to. It’s an inevitable conclusion of the trajectory of much of what ‘Western’ society, in all its manifestations, was heading for.
Where next? Further shifting and likely downshifting in many ways, til hopefully a new balance that hopefully is not too terrible.

Or til, as The Dude said, “New shit has come to light”. And I think the Mods here need to ban people from listening to stuff like Father John Misty, we’re getting far too maudlin about things. Change can also be fun, as long as it doesn’t come from the barrel of a gun.


There are more than racists causing divisions in society, see Varadkar’s campaign on ‘social welfare cheats’ for example.


Does anyone have a problem with going after welfare cheats?

Where I imagine your issue lies is pitting legitimate recipients of welfare against people who are working? That’s not what we shoukd be seeing and is nkt good for a functioning society which does need to look after those who can’t look after themselves


I’ve no problem going after welfare cheats but wish they would use the same cunning and zeal to go after bankers.


That’s exactly what that campaign was about, pure and simple. Much more fraud being committed in other areas than in welfare I would expect however it suits the FG narrative.

Anyhow, it’s New Year’s Day.


I don’t know the campaign in detail but nkt surprised that was the context.


Ken Clarke puts it far more eloquently then I ever could. Not many tories I agree with but he’s bang on the money here.


Can’t believe some of the stuff I have read on this thread, it is like some feel that the Irish have a right to go wherever they want, but others are not welcome in Ireland. The first question is what or who is an immigrant, when I first came to Spain, I was an illegal immigrant for awhile as Spain was not a full member of the E.U. . I remember queing up with Africans and Asians trying to get my papers sorted, but one thing was clear, in general the treatment I received was very different to that of others, they were extremely polite and helpful to me while they treated the others like shite, of course I was the right colour.
Later on I often told the kids in school I was an immigrant, but they looked at me in disbelief, clearly I was not anything like what they were led to believe an immigrant should be like. When my kids were born I made a point of always speaking them in English, I did it naturally as it is my native language, people would say, "Isn’t great that you speak to them in English, think of all the advantages they will have knowing another language, On hearing an African or an Asian speaking to their kids in their mother tongue the reaction was usually quite different " Look at them, no effort at all to integrate.
My point is it is not about immigration, it is that some folk want to decide who are desirables and who are not using very dodgy criteria.


I remember years ago in an office I was working in (near the East Wall), a senior boss talking to a colleague about “foreigners” having different work ethics (he was referring to Poles, Slovaks, etc without actually mentioning them by their nationalities), etc. My colleague, who was English, simply says back to him “I’m a foreigner, too”.
End of.