Predictions for 2019- Politics


Beat me to it?


In my view what is happening is that a small number of very rich people and governments, are promoting ‘multiculturalism’ purely to get cheaper labour onto Europe from other countries, to drive wages down. They don’t give a fiddlers about the people involved. There is massive spin put on the whole thing and nobody is allowed to complain. Meanwhile people of different cultures are thrown together and told to get on with it. No planning. Nothing like that. There is significant anger at this which is entirely legitimate. The powerful own the press and so the term ‘populist’ is now used to describe people who say what they really think/want. We will end up with ghettoised cities and deep social division as a result. Do you think the U.S. has succeeded? No. There was no policy. No plan. No consultation. We are doing exactly the same thing but expecting a different result.


Sorry I just don’t buy this global elite conspiracy stuff. It would be a lot easier to slash regulations, food standards and workers rights to save money. Aka Brexit.

We have a minimum wage anyway and have not quite hit full employment yet, so it’s not like wages can be suppressed by the kind of mass immigration you are suggesting.

Sure polish and other Eastern European immigrants have filled a lot of the low paid jobs in Ireland but overall they have had a hugely positive input to Ireland in my opinion, would you not agree? Helps that they’re Generally Christian, white, well educated and hard working (generalization I know, obviously there are exceptions).


Ireland 2040 has been the source of a lot of right wing noise online, some really hilarious stuff by info wars and other white supremacist videos on YouTube but they are liberal only with the truth.

The plan says the population will neof d to grow by a million? Our population grew organically by a similar figure between 1991 and 2011, and we’re not exactly over run are we.


It was not organic growth and yes, in ways we are quite full. We have ten thousand homeless. People cannot buy a house. The M50 is a car park from 7am. People spend four hours of misery commuting daily. We are a minimum of 2,000 hospital beds short of what we need. Kids with extra needs cannot get help. We have the biggest class sizes in Europe. You want another million here? To live where? You think we’re doing fine? Ignoring the YouTube clowns, there still needs to be a conversation about where we are going.


We can all hold hands and sing we are the world. I’d very much like to make a dent in our own domestic problems before we start planning for 2040.


We are the world? Wtf? The 2040 plan is for Ireland :thinking:


The 2040 plan is “supposed” to plan for all of that. There’s obviously no point of asking the diaspora to return to Ireland unless the have sorted the basics. Besides the global economy looks like it’s taking a turn so it’s holding on to people we’re going to struggle with more than likely.


I know that!


Yeh that’s why our minimum wage keeps going up… you’re some dose. Any tin foil hats going??


I’m going to let that go. When you have a cogent argument, stick it up here.


Adapted quote: “to make Europe more multicultural”. To use one of the dreaded condescending forum clichées for once, “I’ll just leave that there”…


Never mind Europe my goal is to make navan more multicultural we need more dubs from across the Northside even the Naul!


Now yer talkin! Anyway all political conversations should be barred between 24Dec and 2jan. But I won’t be allowed say that…


Cognent argument? You claimed 1/5 people in Ireland now weren’t born here, tayto posted the 2016 census which proves you’re completely bullshitting. You’re a racist end of. You only have a problem with migrants if they’re brown.


I said 20%. The census says 16%. Not everyone replies to the census and there is significant margin for error. Read my posts before becoming abusive. You have proved my point that if anyone raises any questions, they are immediately called a racist. This is exactly why divisions arise in societies but there is no point talking to you.


Ah this makes sense. Mary Mitchell O Connor jumping before she is pushed:


I think Iomaint is influenced by writers like Noam Chomsky. Or if not him writers of his persuasion. Global wealth is conglomerated among relatively few people and those that control it do make decisions that affect a lot of people. That’s just the rise of company’s with turnovers matching some state entities. But to allude to some sort of mass think-thank to promote multi-culturalism to drive down wages is a stretch.

The EU is one it could be said, a multi cultural entity, but even at it’s core it limits to how it defines multi-cultural. EU citizens are generally white/of christian heritage if not christian themselves and speak an indo/european language. Why has Turkey not gained EU membership? Granted it has issues with it’s government and military but so has Spain when it acceded.


Yes I would have great time for Chomsky, John Pilger, Robert Fisk, etc. I certainly believe that there is a huge transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1% and globalisation is fast-tracking it. The rich bomb countries to control oil and make money on arms sales. Poor and vulnerable people are displaced as refugees and forced to leave their homes, to come to the west and take any job they can. This puts pressure on services in receiver countries pitting people against each other. This is all about money and nothing to do with helping people from other countries. Look at the grubby deal the E.U. did with Turkey? We pay them millions to keep migrants in cages/camps. It’s not on. We are being lied to constantly and we have no journalist of calibre to speak out.


It’s an ugly deal but it has worked in terms of stopping thousands of people dying trying to make dangerous crossing to an overwhelmed Greece.

Are they kept in cages in turkey? That’s pretty provocative language. What’s the alternative? You’ve made it clear you don’t want the refugees here. So what’s your solution? Send them back to a war zone in Syria?

It’s not ideal but I don’t see an alternative as Europeans have made it clear they don’t want any more migrants/refugees. You complain about refugees being housed here and kept in camps in turkey, so what do you suggest is done with them exactly?

Like a lot of the Leftie philosophers you read, seem to expect states/organizations to be whiter then white but that’s impossible in the real world.