Prague or Portugal


Not Daft at all mein freund/Mon ami. The type of glass, the shape etc has a big effect on the way the beer settles. Try it.


no al you’re absolutely right, the browner the beer (technical terminology) the shallower the glass. So with a brown beer, like kasteel, it’s a shallow glass, and you just ■■■■ it in, but with a blonder beer like duvel it’s a very deep glass, which you pour far slower, as a drinker, I couldn’t care less how they pour, but as a barman, it’s a very exact science. Which could wind you up lynched if you get it wrong…


As a drinker who can now get these beers in shops just about anywhere, Ive tried Kwak in its usual daft chemistry lab glass that comes in the wooden frame, and in a normal glass, and it was awful in the ordinary glass compared to the Professor Bunson version. And Ive similar if less extreme experiences with some others. And yes, Im quite particular about gassyness, texture/smoothness etc.

I prefer some beers from a bottle than from a big pint glass, quite a difference in several ways. Or pour it gradually in small amounts rather than the whole lot in one. And the vessel can be quite important in other ways, a ceramic vessel is often better for beer.


Have you stolen bigp’s keyboard??


Just googled Kasteel there and the glass looks familiar. I wouldnt have been bothered about the glass until I started drinking weiss beers. Yiz are dead right wrong glass can ruin a beer. Witty, the Corbeau bar off Rue Neuve is good and they serve beer in chevaliers (Yard glasses). Always a good spot to bring visitors from home.


Some great bars in Brussels. I loved La Mort Subite (sudden death). it’s really a beer hall and though there’s lots of tourists the locals go there too.
There’s also a bar full of puppets near the Maneken Piss, it’s like drinking in the Lambert puppet theatre but good craic!


Loads of bars in Dublin full of muppets too


Hmm wouldn’t be one for drinking straight from the bottle, leaves you bloated because none of the carbonation was released.


Ever heard of a fart?!


Nah but I’ve smelt of one


Yeh, better poured into a (suitable) glass. Bit by bit


Its only released WHEN poured into a glass :thinking:


Which is why I said I wouldn’t drink it straight from the bottle…


That’s odd , when the cap is popped it shouldn’t be any different , is there a science behind this theory ?


Dunno but it’s definitely less gassy when poured into a glass. Suppose it also depends on the beer. I find though with some beers if you pour it all out in one go it gets flat very quickly. And warms up. Except if it’s going into a ceramic, steel or wooden vessel.