Prague or Portugal


Right lads, simple question, I’ve been offered a job in 2 Irish bars, one in Prague and one in Alvor in Portugal. Never been to Prague, have been to Alvor. Anyone have any advice on either?


Can I come with you?


Portugal :+1:


Portugal. And have yer 21st over there with an open invitation to all ressers so we can go a re live our youth for a couple of days!


Go with your instinct.


Portugal gets my vote.


Alvor is brilliant, was only there this summer for 1st time but have friends living over there and they love it…Alvor would be seasonal though, dead from October to March/April. I’d imagine Prague is all year round?


Would be freezing your bollox off in Prague at that time though


Yeh I’m probably leaning towards Prague because of the seasonality of Alvor, the place will be dead from October on for about 6 months, at least Prague will be busy year round really. If I was just going for a summer it’d be 100% Alvor, great little town.


Prague is a great city!! You are dead right!
Alvor would be a ghost town come Oct…


Alvor, uncle has a place down there, great place.


Alvor is great with lovely beaches with mostly families and couples there but its easy to get to the other livelier resorts nearby. It would be pretty dead after October. I love Prague and have gone in both summer and winter and both are brilliant and very lively all year round. The pubs are great there and theres many normal , less touristy pubs there. Beer is great there too!


Well I’ve decided to go against most of you, and went for Prague (on the condition they let me home for the all Ireland final :wink:), accommodation all but sorted, job sorted, now I just need to change my name to “PragueDub”


Best of luck sw, comeback in one piece, don’t forget to bring back a stick of rock (you might have to google that one). :+1:


Thanks, Liam, I’ll bring you back a stick of rock especially!


I’ll put money on that you googled it😀


Well done, @something_witty. I hope it goes well for you after the difficulties you’ve had.


Thanks Beeko, fresh start.


I did not!!


Really depends on what your looking for…

Prague is a city with a great nightlife. It’s also very central from a European point of view, if you fancy travelling as it has a great rail link-up. Also has a direct air link to Dublin. The ladies are very easy on the eye, while the beer is strong and cheep.