Pope's visit


No they can’t, and they are dying off, which suits the guilty in the church and it also suits those who are directing the states policy towards them as well. The guilty in the church are twisted and evil individuals, the state is a mixture of Opus Dei or knights of columbanus (so read evil and twisted) or emotionless faceless civil servants who only care about avoiding making a financial payout to them. The long game I was talking about is stopping the twisted ones from perpetuating their power in the coming generations.


I find it not credible but the interviews with the eight survivors he met suggest he either never knew, knew I. Passing and forgot or is an amazing actor/psychopath. There is nothing new about leaders having stuff kept from them either by the design of their staff or by their own volition (don’t tell me so I can have plausible deniability). Sure we had to invent a new word this summer when the Taoiseach “overpromised” on the cancer screening issue.

It seems to have come as a big surprise to many church goers that the pope can be given the mushroom treatment. Maybe Francis himself saying it will open their eyes.


Looked very cult like in Croke Park and Phoneix Park when he came in on the Pope Mobile, frighteningly so.

1 million to 120K in 30 years, reflects the way the country is gone.


Far more reflective of what the church was up to.

The message of Jesus is a good one. But look at how they fcuked up preaching it!


Interesting book call Killing Jesus, A History. Tells his story solely based on fact.


Obviously enough, a lot of people are judging the pope and the Catholic Church (and it’s crimes) as one in the same. If we take away that element of it what are people’s opinions of the man himself and how he handled this visit?
I have to say I was impressed by him as a person. Probably more so that a man of his age had the stamina to hop off a plane and cover so many events and gone as quick as he arrived!. I thought he spoke well and said some of the right things ( he definitely fell short on the abuse scandals) but the message he spoke was a very positive one, especially regarding the role of the family in today’s society. I also think there is something to be said for the fact he even came here at all, he must have known the general feeling in the place towards his institution and that he would face tough questions with the eyes of the world on him. The last few referenda results would have been enough to show him how the majority of the country are turning away from church teachings on the relevant matters. It has already been said on here how insignificant our country is in the scheme of things so he could have left us well alone and avoided the tough questions and it would have little or no bearing on the Vatican’s stance on a national scale.


That may well be, but unfortunately the Church’s definition of what constitutes a family continues to be a very narrow one. Good luck to you, if you aren’t a married heterosexual couple. Until that changes, they will continue to alienate a lot of people, not just the people who do not fit that narrow definition, but their friends, family and loved ones, who see them being denied the rights and recognitions they can take for granted. The marriage equality referendum was a sure sign of that.


this is true, the question is will they? 100 years ago the church was against “modernism” and yet today the church accepts the Big Bang, cosmology and evolution. things like the garden of eden have been re-interpereted to mean the planet earth and not just a patch of ground in syria. so the church can adopt its thinking on many important things and I think women priests are coming very soon (I dont personally know any priest against it) and when that happens many things may happen, but maybe, maybe not.

Maybe the old guard will do a “what we have we hold” and stay stuck in the 19th century. If that happens it’ll evaporate within 20 years in the western world and education/the internet will ensure that it will not last much longer in africa/asia either.


I can see women priests coming down the road first. Not because of any come to Jesus - no pun intended - spiritual awakening. It’ll come about purely from the fall in vocations. They will need the additonal man power - God, I’m just killing it today with the unintended puns - just to function on a day to day basis.

Having lay people involved in preparing classes for 1st Communions, or giving out Communion at Mass is one thing, but there is only so much they can do. They’ll still need ordained clergy for weddings, funerals etc etc. Although with the rising popularity of humanist or non religious ceremonies these days, you’d wonder if their days are numbered too.



I know its the dailymail but still


Jesus, that press conference he held on the flight back to Rome sounds like great craic…:roll_eyes:

Wonder if the Vatican PR office will nip those in the bud from now on.