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In my initial response, I was trying to contextualise what Bosco has said as been non offensive and now your nose is out of joint because of it. It’s not the first time you and I have butted heads over something that gets blown out of all propertion so that’s my last say on it.


No where in your first response did you contextualise. " my nose is out of joint" , I can assure it isn’t. When we last " butted heads" as you put it, it was as I remember because you had suspended a poster whom you lost a debate with and I accused you of lacking impartiality again true to form I believe you have failed to be impartial.


So to sum up. We have just spent 32 million on the pope’s visit. He did not say that the church is sorry. He made no reference to a plan to stop this happening again. No reference to compensation. People bent over backwards. The deference was nauseating. It was a washout anyway. The turnout was about 130k. About 10% of the crowd that turned up in 79. I’m delighted it failed. Raping children has consequences. When he said he knew nothing about the children in Galway that were buried like faeces in sewage tanks, that said it all. If I was a victim of the church, I would wonder did the people who did turn up yesterday just not believe me?


If you go back to my initial comment, I think you will find me trying to put some context on what Bosco said which was backed up by his response. You always try to fashion an argument to suit whatever agenda you’re peddling. Good luck…


Sounds like ye were in the non-priority queue for a Ryanair flight.:airplane:


RTE1 now, highlights of Popes visit :+1:


Living with Baboons is on network 2. They are more honest than the pope.


Nobody I know who went disbelieves the victims, and I know plenty in the tuam babies campaign personally. My own mother was in the navan road.
There are people trying to take back the church from those who did these things even if it’s a church with very few in it at the end. The church is full of good people who either really never knew or maybe knew but we’re too scared to speak out becuase of how they were shaped by the church. Up till recently most priests went into the church as teenagers or in their early twenties. I have had debates with many clergy who literally have no ideas or reasonings that haven’t come from maynooth as they have had nothing else.
Most new vocations now seem to be late vocations and they are determined to get rid of clericalism.


The bloody priority queue is just as long these days!


Can’t understand why such people don’t continue their great work outside of the catholic church. What influence will a few hundred Irish people have on the vatican?


Why let them win? They’re the wrong ones, they should be out of the church and inside a prison. If the Vatican wants to play the long game in reforms fine - there are others who will do the same.

It’s already happening, the things the pope says about gay and lesbian people would have had him kicked out in my lifetime. A married man gave the gospel in the Phoenix Park, there was a woman deacon concelebrating too. The types who say John Paul 2 was a heretic for being too liberal (!) must be fuming, and good too.


The abuse survivors cannot play the long game. They may be dead by the time an official apology or compensation arrives. It is not a game to them.


How f up hiw is it the pope can just denying knowing about 700+ babies his organization buried in sewage tanks. babies for god sake, is he in a total bubble or a psychopathick liar.

There should to be a UN investigation into the atrocities carried out on his nations behalf.


Thought that myself, I mean there were tv programmes dedicated here to it, so Id imagine the story was covered in Italy. If true that he denied knowing it, it was a very poor excuse. If it is true that he didn’t actually know about, well he should at least resign if Popes can do that


did he make a comment about LGBT people and getting psychiatry on the plane back to Rome? Shows how far away from reality and that maybe he is not the progressive pope the church needs


I believe he said “I ask our blessed mother to intercede for the healing of the survivors and to confirm every member of our christian family in the resolve never again to permit these situations to occur”.
So he’ll ‘pray’ for it not to happen again, rather than do anything.


I cant for a second believe he didnt know about this. It was published in the NY times and a clip they shared on it went viral. How could he not hear about it.


Exactly. Just like Trump. Thoughts and prayers. How are people unable to see through it? Hundreds of babies thrown into septic tanks, treated like faeces. Thousands of babies basically stolen from frightened, defenceless women…and sold into adoption. Bastards. Those are crimes against humanity. Have they done this all over the world? They’ll have to dust off the courts at Nuremberg.


Apparently, in Asia/Africa the scale of crimes is even greater. Especially in the Philippines and that region. Ireland is but a drop in the ocean in terms of the scope of these atrocities carried out.