Pope's visit


the red line was stopping at blackhorse. i know someone who was bringing their mother in a wheelchair, their plan was to park and ride at red cow. no idea how they got on. our coach driver thought there was a dublin bus shuttle from the kylemore bus park to islandbridge. nope.


yeah was stopping there , suppose its the nearest to town where they can move trams from inbound to outbound tracks. suppose you don’t want everyone landing at heuston also.

10 mile round trip is not an old persons walk , few shuttle buses in and out would have done the trick.

Next time !




next time?

from my reading of the tea leaves the next pope will be a conservateive and wont be coming near here, maybe in 20 years and then it’ll be croke park only or something.

at the end of the day rome is happy to lose ireland as they are concentrating on expansion in africa and asia. people have a good aul laugh saying how rome works in centuries but that is not good enough for modern times. those in rome will see this as a blip which may last 100 years or so and then they’ll be happily dead.

i can see the RCC being the same size as the COI within ten years and dwindling thereafter. Sadly, as it does you are left with the extreme loony catholics who should have been the first to be kicked out to give the decent ones a fighting chance.


The next time was a joke - hence the !

yeah i agree with you , at the end of the day we are a couple of million on the edge of europe - the church nor the EU gives two shits about us when it comes to writing us off.


If you think the amount of abuse that happened here was bad, I have a strong suspicion that Africa and Asia could be far worse.


Doesnt bare thinking about.


But how long in tine was the walk @dublintipp?


About an hour to the gate. Then perhaps twenty min to our spot. Baggage check was about 5 mjn or so.


From Tipperary? :crazy_face:

Jesus. How fast does she walk?






Who are you referring to ?, I went yesterday with my family, we followed the itinerary in the interests of health and safety. I take offence in you referring to those who choose to go with such language. Do you describe yourself and your opinion as that of the new Ireland ? .


I don’t think @Bosco is casting aspersions on those who attended with that use of language TBH


My friends words - and i’m sure he didn’t mean to offend - i would use the same word to describe people who would be walking away from the galway races and passing by my house in the pissing rain on ladies day. its a long miserable walk - with yesterdays walk being much longer.

For what its worth , i wouldn’t be referring to anyone who attended the popes visit a sap.
My mother was in knock, my sister was in phoenix park along with cousins and aunts and uncles.

I didn’t go cos of the combination of the potential crowd, long walk and having young kids. however i would have went with my mother if she hadn’t a ticket for knock.

The new Ireland as you call it seems to want to make you embarrassed that you have a christian faith
Old Ireland embarrassed you if you didn’t have a faith.

I’m in between - if you wanted to stay away yesterday then ignore it and stay away and dont be registering for tickets for the sake of binning them.

If you wanted to go , then go and enjoy the occasion - you shouldn’t be sneered or jeered at.

apologies if your offended - not the intention


Would you ■■■■ off, you sanctimonious bellend.


It’s derogatory in all circumstances.


I appreciate your considered response, thank you.


With respect, relax the kaks


Where is the respect in that response. I found language used offensive, Bosco done a very good job to put it in context. You in both your responses made a bad situation much worse. No where in my posts did I intimate I was not relaxed.