Pope's visit


Most states don’t behave the way the Vatican does in terms of crimes committed by its loyalists in other jurisdictions.

And RTÉ has no business worrying about offence. That’s not their job.


This is the same network that thinks The Rose of Tralee is quality TV & that Pat Spillane is a worthwhile pundit. What were people expecting exactly?


to honestly assess that a turnout of below 150,000 is a far cry from the Ireland of old and that people don’t have the same reverence for the Church anymore, whether or not they have retained an overall belief in God, Jesus etc


From RTE?

Good luck with that.


Did he gets Aido’s autograph while he was here??


Why do we need RTÉ to tell us what we already know?


because it should be the job of journalists to not hide away from the truth


And more to the point: if they’re massaging those figures (for whatever reason) what else are they massaging?


It was set up to accommodate 500,000. Looked to me about 1/3 rd of that number turned up. There are echoes of Trumps claims on the size of the crowd at his inauguration.


Where did they massage figures, I haven’t seen any quotes on the media for turnout numbers.


There’s numbers between 120k and 150k quoted from some media outlets. RTÉ just say “tens of thousands” followed up by “500,000 tickets were released for the event”

The day I use RTÉ as an accurate source for anything I’ll know it’s time for the nursing home.


The numbers at it’s peak were 129k it dropped slightly down interestingly as soon as he finished his drive around. People just came for a glimpse of him and then went off, not waiting for the mass.


Yea I think a lot of people turned out to see him at the different events out of curiosity more than anything. Some seemed to come out just because they were there in 79 and wanted to complete the double!

Only the scenes from knock looked like it could have been 1979 again


The discussion above is on why we expect RTE to be objective in their reporting.

I would assume the numbers to be down when released. By accounts the travel arrangements didn’t suit the demographic and the weather probably sealed it.


i’d say the figures of 120-150,000 sound right. I know that a lot of parishes blocked booked even though parishoners has gotten their tickets online. Also the average age at the park was way younger than what you’d see at mass. I know loads who got tickets but in the last week checked out the walks and said nope. our coach went as far as the kymoremore road fairly close to the mercedes place on the nass road, and the route was on from there through ballyfermot and through chapelizod. that was never a runner (no pun) for anyone not in deacent condition. Have to say it was very well run and organised (i guess the small attendance helped) and one thing that stood out for me was the fact that virtually all of the volunteer helpers were teenage girls. They also did most of the communions, i guess they were commissioned for the day.

I felt the pope’s plea for foregiveness was a case of “close but no cigar”. I know enough about how the church runs to understand that “forgive me” means “I’m sorry” which is great and all that - but for those who dont know the cathechesim or cannon law thats not good enough. Just say it. Say “I’m sorry, persoanlly and on behalf of the church”

Also, just say “I’m instructing full disclosure and I’m ordering full restitution”


I know that Archbishop Martin is hiring solicitors to sell off lands to finally make payments, cant say the same about anyone else. That has to be done nationwide.

I had the radio on in my ear all day, ursula hannigan was fantasic on radio 1, she wasn’t buying it that the pope couldnt have heard of the lauinderies, and she was depressed that he was kept in the dark. The fact that he was doesnt surprise me one bit, the question is will he clear out the curia, allow people like Archbishop Martin in, allow women priests? Without women yesterday wouldnt have happened, and then they were insulted by that reading of St Paul, which i noticed the commentator on the radio suddenly had a moment of self awareness as he was translating it and had to go off message to do the old “ah sure he was a man of his time and er… its not what youn think it is” Sorry, but it is exactly what you think it is, as are all of Pauls writings. If you want to know what went wrong with the church you dont have to go far beyond the time of chirst. When the church initially ran Saul, they should have kept fucking running him.


How long was the walk from Naas Road?!


10 mile round trip from kylemore road.


jesus!! no wonder mrs dubintipp couldnt walk to work today!


Jesus, that’s mad Ted. Colleague of mine stashed her car near Kilmainham & walked in from there.


mate of mine lives in a house facing out onto the nass road there near black horse stop and was looking at the poor saps walking back after it yesterday.

considering they closed the half the city , they could have run a shuttle luas service from black horse to Heuston.