Pope's visit


Hope this isn’t the dialogue from Carry on Catholics


Would be genuinely interested to know if the other 300,000 odd tickets weren’t taken up at all, were taken up by people who deliberately didn’t go as a sign of protest, or were taken up by people who couldn’t be arsed going when they discovered all the walking involved, or only decided not to go today when they saw it was lashing.


In fairness that jersey will fetch a nice price at charity auction


All of the above but I suspect a lot of it was parishes block booking tickets that they subsequently couldn’t give away.

It certainly made a huge difference in terms of road closures and policing. If they knew there wasn’t going to be less than 200,000 there then maybe the city wouldn’t have been locked down.


Still though, a Mayo jersey for the Pope to sign. Come on, we’re trying to like you, give us a hand.


How many turned up to croker last night? 45k in Knock earlier



We disgraced ourselves by welcoming the head of the largest criminal organisation in the world. What next, will Christy Kinahan be given a guided tour of Dublin?


It is a difficult one, a lot of goood honest people who cherish their Cathloic faith and it gives them great comfort and guidance.

I certainly would not begrudge them the afforded opportunity to celebrate such faith.

I have been brought up a Catholic but like many have become disillusioned with the historical abuse and cult like leadership.

Often I will still turn to God for a quiet prayer, usually when comfort is needed.

Each to their own I say. Complete transparency, inclusiveness and accountability by the Catholic Church is now required. The right step into modern day world and they might have a better chance of relating to young people today.


Id fall under this category too . I have absolutely no interest in the catholic church , yet i had to feign interest just to get married here . The absurdness of the pre marriage course i had to sit through over two days . The letter that i had to get from my parish church to prove i was baptized . The absolute hoops they make you jump through .
But , i still said a prayer for when family members may be ill or like yourself , for comfort . I easily get on with my life without the need to be cleansed each week at mass . I’ve no problem with people who do believe in the church though .
If it brings them peace & fulfillment , im all for that .


Jaysis don’t mention that pre marriage course. Sat through one a few weekends ago. I thought the FAS safepass was the biggest waste of a day until I went through that.

Again I’m in agreement with yourself and RC. If the pope coming here made a couple hundred thousand people happy then let them at it I say.


No problem with that, but it doesn’t excuse the wrongdoers or the endless institutional cover-ups.


Absolutely, as I mentioned above via transparency and accountability.


Stop, such a racket. That truly was a journey back to the 50s.


On the rte site there seems to be no reference to the numbers in the park


If I remember correctly wasn’t there a million or half a million in the park in '79? I wasn’t there myself. Couldn’t be arsed. But I seem to recall a huge turn out.


I didn’t watch any of it but I did see the news on Saturday and Sunday and caught a couple of bits in passing and Browne is right. RTÉ was like a fan site. No credible criticism and at one point on 6.1 yesterday the reporter referred to an ‘apparent’ low turnout.

What the hell were they at?

A real low point for the news section of RTÉ.


Does criticism on state visits that are televised like that ever happen ?

Doubt RTE news wanted to offend 95% of their viewers - the old folks were watching it from home.


I don’t think it was classed as a state visit was it?


it was hard to avoid, RTÉ, RTÉ News, BBC News, Sky news and even CNN getting in on the act. Unreal coverage, only caught a bit of it for any length of time but it was pretty embarrassingly fawning.