Pope's visit


Donald Trump’s aides are counting the numbers attending.


Not so fast mates. I know I’m the Pope but…


I see E.wan McKenna has the religious all up in his shit today.

(Seriously, is blackening his name out necessary?)


130k in the park


Is there any populist bandwagon the pug fella won’t jump on for a few clicks?



Where were they all during Mass last week?

“I’ve been to every mass this year and I have the ticket stubs prove it”.



Jesus, is that all?


The absolute gayness of that.


Slightly less 129k. Some sources saying 175k, but that would be a spoof!


Wee buns, no traffic at all yesterday or heading up the road today. I think everyone listened to the advice and stayed at home or used public transport.



Where was the crowd? Did we really have to shut the city down for this?

Doesn’t show much loyalty to the faith if they all stayed at home because of the weather.


Stayed at home*


Where you see that? I was questioning if they even made the 100k. Was there not 500k tickets sold?


Trust me, I know.


Trust regarding Catholic Church is not something I am overly comfortable with


I’m not using the Catholic Church as my source. You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to. Thanks anyway.


500k. 5 or 6 tickets per application. I’m sure there were many many people who ordered the full amount per allocation with 2 or 3 people in mind. Unless the no to the pope crowd hovered up 400k


Rochey is hooked up with a higher power.

3 phase, as I understand it.


Jaysus I was joking. Keep the pants on