Pope's visit


Social media making crack jokes about mayo and Sam as da pope touches down in knock…I suppose the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about at all


Well, the eyes of the nation are on you mate.

Don’t fcuk this up.

David Clarke on duty today in Knock? :policeman::wink::policeman:


Dunno man…I’m onda beer in Westport haha


Don’t blame you. Miserable looking day in Knock.


With the pope staying in Dublin 7 I seen him in the Skoda 3 times yesterday by chance. Very Surreal seeing the pope giving a wave out the window to the lads having a smoke outside your local. He got a few “Yer hey! Up the pope” and then people went back to whatever they were talking about.


As long as he lifts the curse I’ll be happy :smiley:


Yeah well, we have an army of 500,000 on standby in the Park, if he so much as mentions Sam or the curse.

Resources dear boy, resources.


An army of culchies tho :wink:


Ah everyone becomes a Dub sooner or later.


Fair play him dropping into your local for a swift one and waving out the window to the smokers also


Mayo 4 Sam 2019 :wink:


Inclusion at its best eh… their days are numbered.

I have often found middle class unionists worse than those coming from hardline areas in Colraine, Derry, Sandy Row, the village etc. They should know better but use their standing in society as a weapon for hatred, exclusion and downright ignorance… are they starting to soften with Brexit, DUP going further to dark ages, SF as inclusive in the north as ever? The unionists farmers are starting to come around somewhat…


Was in Dublin last week and whilst City living isn’t my thing…it really strikes you as a very modern European city.

Very multicultural, multinational feel…but still Irish in its identity.

Then you cross the border and you hit the red white and blue flags. Grim.

I’m sure newer members of the DUP must be more open-minded…but they’re stuck in a previous century and it’s actually harming people up here.

Christ…I need to get my happy head on!!


I think the modern day DUP member is just as bad, if not worse. Then you have those who are on the unionist side, don’t identify with DUP politics (anti same sex marriage etc), but will just vote because it is not Sinn Fein and UUP are all but dead. Obviously same on Nationalist side too. I am not sure how you overcome that to be honest, although I believe DUP are doing their very best to exclude their ‘own’ people.


The way the DUP are pretending to not want a border in ireland to their constituents and then voting for hard Brexit in Westminster, is not lost on the average voter. Sure their hardcore base dont care but the average unionist is not for a border because it will hit their wallet.


Can’t believe he wrote that :rofl:


Hasn’t Mr. Hill16army anything better to be doing?


Probably not


If the Pope wrote that it would have said “caca” and not shite!!!


Doesnt look like anything near 500k in the park