Pope's visit


Interesting indeed. Christ-like, really. An army, immunity, no extradition treaty.


A few years ago, there was a great Doc On One about the Cork coach company who made the original Popemobile.

One of the security requirements was a safe place for JP2’s personal bodyguard (a Monsignor, no less) to stash his gun, while he was up on the altar in the Park & Galway watching over Himself. When he was saying a Mass, it was the only time the bodyguard didn’t have the gun on him. So a secret locked compartment was built into da wheelz to store the gun while he was away. Would have made for a pretty interesting episode of Pimp my Ride wha’ ?


And I’m no defender of the RC church or their history, but he, and a gathering of his supporters will be a target, so it’s only right that he is protected to the fullness of his state’s potential.

By the way, you can see a drone, in stratospheric levels overhead Croke park from my view point. #tinfoilhat


Fair play to Leo, just seeing his speech now he captured the public mood exceletley


Missed it. He said he was gonna ask the pope to admit the sins of the Catholic Church, did he say that?


Pretty much, said there was shared shame and listed the churchs criminal activities. So far the Pope is saying f all to repair the church image.


He got the Skoda courtesy of Annesley Williams (Sales Director former Setanta Hurler), his route via Baile Munna was part of the deal…


So it didn’t come from Spirit Motors?

…I’ll get me coat


Please do.



I wish his minions would keep their “relationships” with minors to social media.


By Gareth Cross
August 25 2018

The son of the late First Minister of Northern Ireland Ian Paisley, has criticised Protestant churchmen who decided to meet Pope Francis during his trip to Dublin.

Writing in The Times Rev Kyle Paisley said that he could not understand why any Protestant churchmen would want to meet the Pope due to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

His father founded the Free Presbyterian Church and served as moderator for many years.
Presbyterian Church Moderator Dr Charles McMullan joined other religious leaders, as well as Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, at a civic reception for the Pope in Dublin Castle on Saturday.

The DUP, the political party founded by Ian Paisley, was the only major political party in Northern Ireland to decline to send a representative to the event.

Kyle Paisley warned that it was only a matter of time before a Papal visit to Northern Ireland as “Protestantism continues to weaken”.

Rev Paisley wrote that since the death of his father in 2014 “there is hardly a Protestant protagonist of any note left in Ulster”.

The Rev Paisley, who is a minister at Oulton Broad Free Presbyterian Church in Suffolk, wrote that he believed no Pope would set foot in Northern Ireland while his father was alive and admitted his surprise that Pope Francis had not elected to visit Northern Ireland as part of his trip.

"The best player can miss an open goal. But I cannot forget that Francis is a Jesuit. Jesuits are not known for being blunderers, but for their subtlety. They are wise as serpents," he wrote.

“If Protestantism continues to weaken and gives the impression of aloofness from controversy — perish the thought — it would make a papal visit inevitable.”

Rev Paisley criticised unionists on Belfast City Council for abstaining from a vote on inviting Pope Francis to Belfast in 2014.

“What concerns me more than anything is the man’s view of himself and how it reflects on the teachings of scripture,” he wrote.

“I cannot understand why any Protestant churchmen would want to meet the Pope anywhere.”
Rev Paisley directly criticised Dr McMullan for deciding to meet the Pope saying he was paying “lip service” by signing a confession which called the Pope “the man of sin and son of perdition”.

“I would have more time for Presbyterian ministers who rewrote the confession or separated from their church to form another than for those whose profession is in letter only and who go on to compromise the honour of the son of God,” he wrote.

“Thankfully there are dissenting voices within Irish Presbyterianism.”


What Kyle Paisley says is just shocking on so many different levels.

In a time when the south is seen by many as a modern progressive and liberal society…we still have people who live in the 1800s.

What Christian religion allows you to be so hateful towards other religions.

I wonder does he ever think that the anti-Catholic rhetoric from his father, ever contributed to what led to the troubles?


Fundamentalists of al hues are a bad thing and the hardline DUP lads are as bad as any.

Slightly surprised at the volume of coverage this is getting and the crowds seems huge compared to what i was expecting.


It’s not so bad if this thinking is confined to pulpits.

At least you have the choice of not walking through the church doors.

But that thinking still affects the DUP…and by extension people who live up here.

Anyway, that’s my Sunday rant over.

I’m away to mass to pray for something faaaarrrrrr more noble…a Tyrone win against the Dublin sinners.


You are correct, i shouldn’t be flippant about it but they really are hardliners. Depressing really.


If your miracle is granted what saint will you put it down to?:rofl:


I’ll say a prayer for him :pray:


Saint Michael of Ballygawley of course!


Sure what would you expect from a pig only a grunt?