Pope's visit


Just tuned into RTE to see what’s going on. Classic line in the Pro where he is meeting married couples and couples about to be married. Asked about guidance on “the holy sacficife of marriage…eh, sacrament.”




Is rte responsible for the camera work ?
Him talking about children & camera cuts to family with baby. The pessimist in me says its all orchestrated.


Pope mobile :joy:


Did he make it out with all four wheels??


Dunno. Apparently, it all kicked off when he stopped off at the Autobahn for a cheeky quick one. Something about free cocktail sausages and chicken fingers.


It’s to make it easy for the average Sky News viewer. Like Fox News, they don’t want to confuse them by referring to anything outside their own little bubble.


… is the right word.


So no apology from the pope. No mention of compensation for victims. Or of opening church files to legal authorities. Or of simply obeying the law? No. We could have housesd a lot of people from 32 million.




Don’t be so bourgeois.

Mind you, a FG government bringing him through Ballymun likes it’s Calcutta is very revealing, don’t you think??


You’d have your work cut out for you getting from the airport to the Aras, without going through Ballymun, if you want to go the most direct way possible.



Incorrect. The Swiss Guard picked his route #insideknowledge


We have Guards from Switzerland?

I thought they were all from Clonmel?



Are they granted diplomatic immunity, like the US Secret Service?


Swiss Guard from the Swiss Cottage.


Yep, they’re calling the shots, the Gardai and Army etc are doing their bidding.


In his Swiss.




No thanks, had a sambo earlier.