Pope's visit


Yeah, but it won’t be on the M1 motorway/port tunnel. When Rochey gets arrested trying drag him into the BK clubhouse to make him wear a BK jersey, it’s more likely to be the old airport road, or the Santry road that will be affected, especially as he’s not heading into town when he leaves the airport. He’s heading over to the Park to meet Miggledy at the Aras. The Pope I mean, not Rochey.


What is he going to town for? Nearly everything will be closed


He & the missus are going to see Wicked at the Bord Gais theatre tonight. Phpearse, not the Pope. :smiley:


Scrolling thru the Twitter feed, 2 pix jumped out at me.

The fcuking SIZE of the cavalcade.
You’d nearly think Mayo won the All Ireland. :rofl:

And this…a pair of baby sandals tied to the railings of the Papal Nunciature.

Powerful, powerful image.



A SKODA, he is travelling around Ireland in a Skoda? Ah here…


Oh Sky News, don’t ever change…


He seems like a decent man but at his age and with who is surrounded by, can he really make big changes? It will probably take another 100 years for any drastic change to take place.


The Vatican bureaucracy do their level best to block any attempts at modernizing apparently. He can have all the will in the world to be a fresh voice, buf if the aparatus that does the actual donkey work is against you, your effectiveness would be limited I’d imagine.



They need all the help they can get. :rofl:

The mantilla on Sabina is a bit much.

(As Kay Burley is shockingly busy elsewhere, I’ll be providing the much needed commentary on the weekends fashuns.)



That’s brilliant.


Didn’t do a good job of teaching him English when he was in Dublin all those years ago, it seams.


Could RTE not find a commentator who could get a complete sentence out, without saying ehh every 2 words?

I know we don’t have visits like these very often, so you can’t practice for them, but Jesus, Marty bloody Morrissey would have done a better job.


Apparently there are no Subaru Forresters left


A perfect opportunity to apologise to the victims of the church, squandered. They’ll never learn!


Yeah. Shift the blame onto the individual ecclesiastical authorities involved. So what the heck is the Pope then…a plumber?


It seems it all came apart at the seams.


G’wan da 'Mun !