Pope's visit


Jimmy Keaveney is saying Mass as well?

Would’ve looked for a ticket if I’d known that


He’s Jimmy bleedin’ Keavney.

He could probably turn water into wine too if you ask him nicely. :smiley:




Could they not have had it off the coast somewhere, whatever about Peter Canavan, these people really can walk on water:)


Lads quick question. Myself and wife are planning on heading to Dublin tomorrow from Tyrone. Planning to see Wicked in Bord Gais. Not sure if I’m wise or not. Staying at an hotel near the Bord Gais. Planning on heading down early, going out the Port Tunnel and East Link Toll Bridge and into town that way. Maps say that those roads are open but not sure if they will be mental busy. Should be in town at 11am on Saturday.

Sunday should be leaving at 2-3pm. Am I wise at all?


Yeah reckon you’ll be grand.


TBF he was preaching what he practiced.


Ten thousand going from tipp.


You know what, the roof on the hogan bugs the shit out of me. Ruins the whole look of the stadium. I was told it stuck out more as they had a bit more money but I think it was just to make sure the hoi polli were ensured of cover.

Also the end doesn’t flare out like the Cusack.


That red spot is where he comes out to do guitar solos.


I hate to say but he also played senior football for Dublin and St Brigids.


Why? The hurling final was last weekend? :thinking:


You should be fine using port tunnel (€3) you don’t necessarily need to use the east link tough, Samuel Beckett bridge would be better option just don’t go up that quays cause there’s no (legal) left turn onto SB bridge


Heard that before that he was in clonliffe college while dublin were playing a match across the road and he wasnt allowed out because he was in training. A microcosm of how they held priests separate to everyone else.

Had no problem with him trying to be normal, singing a song or even having a relationship with a woman,at least he wasnt abusing children, but the hypocrisy of telling other adults not to use condoms because his boss with a pointy hat was told by his imaginary friend that it was bad … makes you wonder do any of them believe a word the say.

It pisses me off a little to hear Mary McAleese critisce them now. In its entire history the Catholic church has done every thing to keep women down and stop equality. Its hard to believe she has just woken up to the way they are now, they’ve always been that way.

I know people have deep held beliefs and each to their own but when a whole society has to bow to the doctrine of kooks it says a lot about society. Ireland in the 70’s wasn’t too far from Islamic societies like Iran for church/state control.

As a result I don’t think it’s a great idea to be celebrating the return of a CEO of a big corporation which has done so much damage to Irish society.

I actually think this visit rather than revitalizing the church will show it up for what it is . . .a relic of a bygone era.


Sure what interest would tipp have in a senior hurling final :joy:


Good man. I’ll give it a try. Have it booked since last July for our wedding anniversary. She’d be gutted to miss out.


Yeah, don’t use the East Link Bridge, as that will just bring you over to Ringsend/Sandymount direction & away from town. There’s not much point in heading out that direction, unless it’s where you are staying.


You should be fine if you go through the tunnel then cross the samuel beckett bridge.


Have you considered the Samuel Beckett bridge? I’m not sure if anyone has suggested that yet.


The Pope will be driven through ballymun from the airport around ten to eleven