Pope's visit


If FF do merge with the SDLP…

I think it’s only fair the DUP move south and merge with FG.


DUP aren’t that conservative?



Maybe the UUP, can’t see the DUP taking to our Leo



Maybe Ian P jr could convert Leo on a few luxury plane trips to Sri Lanka.


Strong stuff


That was hard viewing!


Cant hear this name without thinking of the “F-you deputy Stagg” video!! Classic :joy::joy:


Bravo Sir, Bravo.

That post deserves a medal.

(Not a miraculous one, mind.)


Ok Bunny, I’ll go for for the 10p question there now.

Ah here…who the effing bleep is Tetzel?


Yeah I got stumped on that one as well.

It’s DUP angry Old Testament stuff.


Here you go so.

Johann Tetzel OP was a German Dominican friar and preacher. In addition, he was a Grand Inquisitor of Heresy to Poland, and later became the Grand Commissioner for indulgences in Germany.
Born: 1465, Pirna, Germany
Died: July 4, 1519, Leipzig, Germany
Parents: Hans Tetzel
Education: Leipzig University
Known for: Selling indulgences

(Thanks Wikipedia :+1: )

Selling Indulgences?

Sounds like your standard FF politician to me.

Or DUP, if said indulgences take place on a hot, tropical island. :palm_tree: :palm_tree: :palm_tree:


The original Protestants knew what they were at - man in relationship with his god with none of the mad stuff in-between. Paying away your sins etc, a priest interpreting the Bible for you. Of course it all went south, as things usually do.

The more you read into church teaching and practice - ‘original sin’ and ‘churching’ etc - the more it appears to be the inverse of what it’s supposed to be, it’s (become/ always was?) a truly perverse creation.


About Michael Cleary:

Old school.


I commute on the Dart to work. Lots of World Gathering Thingamabobby Attendees are getting on at the Sandymount and Landsdowne Rd stops. (The RDS is hosting a lot of their events.) Lots of foreign nationals in attendance and not many Irish, if the Dart is anything to go by. Makes you wonder how much of the Phoenix Park & Croker crowds will be Irish. I don’t know anyone even remotely interested in going to either event. Not a sinner. No pun intended.


He was a hypocrite of the highest magnitude. Hail fellow,well met. “Ah, sure, he’s gas.” Jesus wept.


Sure he sang a song or too, great man, great priest … have to admire him no condoms, rules are rules and all…


What state will the pitch be in next week?


picture from Garda twitter feed


Does it matter?

We’re only after gettin’ the Pope to say a Mass on Hill 16.

How can we possibly lose?


Ah but see the post of @upthedall earlier on, whose side is the Pope on? :rofl:


Ah yeah, but we have two Popes. :wink: