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Outsider (i.e someone from another Police force) needs to be brought in IMO. State security could be hived off as a separate body or given over to the Army as that hinders the appointment of an outsider at the moment


Or at least civilian accountants. Maybe even civilian managers to work alongside the upper tier of gardai.


Agreed. Maybe a sweed, those lads seem to have their shit together.


I know what you mean, Tak


Or did he mean swede?


Why do we always think Sweden is great, has anyone here ever been there? They don’t have any pubs, everything is very dear and it’s all a bit boring. The women look quite nice though.


Tenner for a pint :flushed:


And not a good pint either. I spent a few hours in Malmo, having crossed over from Copenhagen. All things considered, I’d have been better off in Mulhuddart!


Have you not heard? They got their shit together! Yea baby!


Ryanair acting the maggot …

Dublin commuters be like… #DublinBus #BusStrike #BusEireann https://t.co/cgLkPqmZBx https://t.co/TusScSp2Av


Don’t like Swedes either me, grumpy gits. What have they ever done for us? Abba, and Bjorn Borg, that’s about it. Bunch of racialists as far as I can see. Norwegianboards are much better.


So thats the dutch and the swedes you have an issue with. Anyone else? :joy:

This whole bus strike is crazy - no busses in cork city for more than a week …


Bus strike is causing a lot of damage. Feel for the drivers but this is going to end bad.


[quote=“JJF, post:154, topic:1523”]
Feel for the drivers but this is going to end bad.
[/quote]To a point anyway…

Some of their work practices are for the birds totally, they want extra payment to do a pre-duty check on their vehicle before setting out for work. F**king unions…


No agree but there are a lot of decent skins there. But bus eireann in general is for the birds.


Public transport in this country is a basket case and the private buses have shown what can be done with a sensible & workable business plan.


Thats the thing, although BE are made take on less profitable routes and stop in every two bit town, but semi-state companies have crazy work practices which make them very inefficient on top of those public service routes. So the issue is how much of your tax € are you happy to see spent on this to prop it up.


Does BE have the work done on the numbers on these unviable routes ? How many passengers , at what times , and of what types ( fare paying or free due to age /bus passes etc) ?

Could they release that info so everyone can see how one part of the issue is made up ? The work practices are crazy, as are the number of support staff and clerical staff in BE are a multiple of those in private bus operators .


I got the bus from rosscarbery to cork city recently, about 50 mins drive and it cost €24 one way to pay on the bus - believe you can get cheaper online but i wasnt expecting to be getting the bus.