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Could well do, but as they say, we may never know…


Very easy to blame the Guards here. More likely it’s lads who aren’t happy bunnies that the law has caught up with them in some aspect


Given the money involved in drugs/narcotics the value of the cars and other stuff is chickenfeed to Kinahan . Guzman - El Chapo , had an estimated income of $38billion before capture , and most of that has been rerouted within his empire .

The quote in respect of the unauthorised transfer of €100,000 to the Garda Boat Club from the Garda College is stunning - ’ it was dine for the right reason ’ i.e. The ends justifies the means in other words . The Garda force is completely discredited - 1million false breath tests ??


Not the Kinihan gear in that place. Quite smartly they’re being kept in the Army Barracks on The Curragh


You’re right . But it’s still small change to those boys


This whole thing is very dodgy.


If he is innocent, his life has been ruined by this thing.


Yes …, poor lad. So was hers.


If he is innocent hers is nothing to do with him

Big IF maybe, i never paid that much attention to it but he has been tried a few times hasnt he? so obviously the evidence is patchy.


I remember Leslie Neilson was asked if he believed OJ Simpson was innocent. His reply was to the effect that he would like to believe he was innocent, but if it wasn’t OJ, who else could it have possibly been?

There is a crazy psycho out there, one way or the other. If he is being framed, why? Who are the authorities protecting?


The difference is OJ managed to beat a trail of blood from the crime scene right to his house. and pile of evidence thanks to a very expensive legal team. Not sure how much hard evidence there is of baileys innocence but i wouldn’t trust a french court as far as i could throw it.


I was looking at it from Bailey’s point of view. The only evidence really against him was on the “forced” statement from what turned out to be an unreliable witness. His defence team maybe need to look at what other evidence is available and show how it rules him out rather than put him in the frame. Then again, maybe that’s the state’s job.
Someone is hiding something - and not just whoever carried out the murder.


I see the commissioner has admitted that Gardai may have acted dishonestly with regard to breath tests.
How else would so many entries be wrong, ya thick?


Great stuff from Templemore , but there’s more to come from this

50 bank accounts in the Garda College ? There’s IT’s many times the size of that place that wouldn’t have 50 bank accounts !


We’ll need some very expensive solicitors to get to them he bottom of this


If they’re not involved themselves.
30 years ago, politicians, solicitors, the clergy, the gardai, accountant, solicitors, the banks… all viewed by everyone as demi-gods. Now? Well I think they alone see themselves as such.


can you believe the rates the lads were on €2,500 a day is not a bad weeks work.


Sounds like another Tribunal looming…


Some mad stuff in that committee today:

Guards setting their own targets for their bonuses.

One guard put in charge of one review into one of the ongoing issues was directly involved in smearing McCabe according to one committe member.

Commissioner states that they ‘hold each other accountable’. WTF? There is absolutely no evidence of that. In fact it’s the opposite, that nobody holds anybody to account in that organisation. Unless you are a whistleblower.

They need to skip a whole generation of management as they are all tainted by the culture in there.


That’s certainly the approach the guards took with him.

Mick Clifford did a number of pieces on it. The DDP’s office exonerated Bailey, and practically accused the guards of fitting him up.

The way in which the Irish Govt at the time - Dermot Ahern was in the DoJ at the time - were happy to hand him over even though the courts here deemed him not to have a case to answer was very odd. That it is still ongoing is remarkable, without any additional evidence being offered against him.