Politics 2017


I like that.


Seriously. The UK have blood on their hands for destabilising that whole region and hoors like that are unrepentant. Meanwhile they sell a pile of arms to the Saudis who are bombing the hell out of Yemen.


The Brits and the French left the middle east and northern Africa in rag order at various stages over the last 100-125 years. Most of what’s wrong in the world can be traced to the aftermaths of these withdrawals.


Right enough. You’d nearly forgive them for stuff that went down 100 year ago but they’re still at it and then refusing to take in refugees from the mess they create. Then they have the cheek to lecture other countries about human rights or moan about the EU lacking democracy, so that they can “take back control”.


Terry Prone’s work . She was interviewed subsequently on RTE Radio 1, naturally, as her husband, Tom was a former RTE chairman, Sean O’Rourke did the interview, and as his style, he makes a lot of noise, but does not go for the jugular. All’s well there, Miriams next, I suppose


Terry Prone the school of communication teaching generation after generation of politicians how to be a smooth talking bulshitter and not answer a question.


Area around Westminister Houses of Parliament in lockdown , one person dead, shot by armed police. The assailant drove car into pedestrians, some injured, and hospitalised.


Tebbit will blame McGuinness, no doubt.

Has the assailant been killed or injured? I’ve yet to read that he/she is dead.


Assailant shot, by police. One police officer stabbed , assailant had knife.


Reports of one or two bodies in the Thames. Really hope it’s not true.


One of the pedestrians run over on the bridge has died, apparently.
Fcking cnts.


Willing to bet the Orange Prick is at this moment sitting in the White House thinking how he can score bigoted political points out of this.


apparently a woman jumped in to get away from it and she was pulled from the water alive, according to the BBC


I wouldn’t put it past Trump to have hired someone to carry it out.


Seem like the work of one nutter?


Stabbed police office has died, it seems.


4 dead including a police officer and the attacker. 20 injured


Jesus, what will this do for Brexit feelings on both sides ? Anniversary of Brussels attack as well.


Wouldn’t be at all surprised if the attacker was a British citizen


Rumours going around that it is.