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Kerry, Ireland’s shame once again


Whatever you do don’t eat and drive ! Good man Danny . I’ll back you .
Over a cliff.


I read it earlier and am lost for words. I would of thought it was windup but he coming form him its very doubtful. Of course the daughter seems to be a councillor as well so expect that dynasty to be long lasting.


Danny is the worst of them, which is an achievement


The Healy-Rae clan are most certainly not away with the fairies. They have a number of businesses for which they advocate cleverly. They know their audience. Cute hoors. Look at the press they are getting! Their other two siblings are bright too- one a barrister. No fools at all.


This maybe a sweeping generalisation but that must be some band of utter hillbillies who elected him .


Yes true, they are successful businessmen, doesn’t mean we can’t call Healy-Rae a backward fúck for been a Drink Driving advocate.


That’ll give him another idea… “Drink driving is safe provided you do so in reverse gear”.



Simply couldn’t make it up. Another glorious day on the gravy train.


Clearly nothing to do with their continued support of various juntas during their respective tenures in Dail Eireann and Kerry County Council.


Guarantee there’s some non Healy-Rae supporters have lodged a complaint about the damage being done to the roads by his haulage company to Kerry Co Co that he’s come out blaming Fairies… FFS


What’s going on in Barcelona ? Reading 13 dead and 60 injured . Shootout with the two guys who drove the van . These two nuts drove a van into pedestrians around Los Ramblos ? Crazy .


Seemingly a terror attack. God rest the poor victims.


Interesting discussion on the Nazi phenomenon on the Second Captains podcast.


another pointless attack on innocent people. Barcelona is one of my favorite places. Thoughts with the families caught up in this.


Tragic and ironic too that this happens with such controversy over tourism in the city at the moment. Love the city too - La Rambla, Gaudi, Place de Catalunya, Camp Nou.

Just realised we walked down the same street exactly 2 years ago today and went to see the 2nd leg of Barca-Bilbao in the Super Cup that evening. Chilling.

There will likely be many nationalities among the dead. RIP.


I hope you and all yours are ok, @bigp.
No value to life at all.


RTE 9.pm news leading with report in fire safety concerns in 5 schools built by Western Building Systems. That rang a bell with me, I thought it sounded familiar. Will be further report into 20 more schools built in last number of years.

and so it was reported already in Examiner and Ir Times in 2015 Cannot get links to work - but if you search - Western Building Systems, you will see the articles. Have cut and pasted them here. Why has this taken nearly 2 years to come to RTE main news ??

Tyrone company Western Building Systems to provide first 22 houses at site in Ballymun

Sat, Nov 21, 2015, 01:00
Kitty Holland
These first 22 modular homes are to be on a pilot basis with another 128 to follow shortly after under a fast-tracked procurement process. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Work undertaken by a Northern Ireland construction company, which has been awarded the contract to provide modular housing for homeless families in Dublin, is the subject of a fire safety audit.
Western Building Systems, a Tyrone-based company, will be announced on Monday as the winning tender to provide the first 22 modular homes at a site in Ballymun.
The announcement comes as the Department of Education conducts an audit of fire safety at four schools built by Dungannon-based Western Building Systems.
A spokesman for the department confirmed audits were under way at Educate Together national schools at Powerstown, Co Tipperary, Belmayne, Dublin and in Mullingar, Co Westmeath as well as at Gaelscoil na gCloch Liath, in Greystones, Co Wicklow.
The fire safety concerns came to light following an architect’s audit of the 200-pupil Rush/Lusk ETNS in 2014, conducted after the department told the school the prefabricated building would be kept in use on a long-term basis. It had been intended as a temporary building.
The audit found “problems with items such as sound proofing, windows deficiencies, certain exit doors that were considered inadequate in terms of security and access”, said the department spokesman.
A further report “which involved an extensive and invasive survey of the school building” was commissioned and remedial works done, overseen by Dublin Fire Brigade.
A department-led audit of fire safety at the four other schools has found no issues, said the spokesman. “However, in addition the department has engaged an independent fire safety consultant to carry out a more detailed follow-up survey in the schools involved, over the coming weeks.”
Rory McGuigan, business development manager with Western Building Systems, would not confirm or deny the company had won the tender for the first batch of modular homes.
“With regards to fire safety audit by the Department of Education on our schools we are satisfied that there are no faults on our part and can confirm that all of our school buildings comply with fire and safety regulations at the time of construction.”

Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly has promised 500 modular homes would be provided to temporarily accommodate homeless families, with the first to be in place before Christmas. To meet this deadline, on-site work needs to begin within the next fortnight.
These first 22 are to be on a pilot basis with another 128 to follow shortly after under a fast-tracked procurement process.
A further 350 would then be delivered through a new national procurement framework, overseen by central government.
Dublin City Council will be funded to buy the units, at a cost of €40 million.
The tender notice said the first 22 units should be three-bedroom, two-storey units for five people.
The move to provide modular homes comes as the latest figures show during the week of 18th to 25th October that there were 1,425 children in 677 families in emergency accommodation in Dublin – a 109 per cent increase in the number of homeless children since October 2014, when there were 680 Dublin children in emergency accommodation.

AND in Examiner
Audits at five schools over fire-safety fears


Thursday, October 08, 2015

By Fiachra Ó Cionnaith
Irish Examiner Political Correspondent
Immediate safety audits at five schools are to be carried out by the Department of Education following revelations earlier this week that a “similarly built” school developed by the same firm was discovered to be a serious fire safety hazard.

Education Minister Jan O’Sullivan confirmed she is “currently arranging” the safety checks on the facilities built by Western Building Systems, which has constructed 26 schools for the State since 2008, after the Irish Examiner revealed chronic problems with the Rush and Lusk Educate Together National School, which was built at the height of the boom.

As detailed earlier this week, Western Building Systems, from Coalisland, Dungannon, Co Tyrone, was given a contract by the department to build the 200-pupil, north county Dublin school in 2008 under the Government’s rapid-build school programme.

The building was meant to be a temporary facility for the multi-denominational patron group Educate Together.

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Irish Examiner :heavy_check_mark: @irishexaminer
Builders of #Dublin firetrap school still tendering, via @Ocionnaith http://shr.gs/8AT6kWP (GM)
9:40 AM - Oct 7, 2015
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In early summer 2014, after being told the site was now a long-term location, the school’s board sought an architect’s report to address long-term leaks in the roof and windows, sound proofing on doors, and other matters in the building it had been using for six years.

This report, however, then found serious fire-safety problems, including a lack of cavity barriers in walls to prevent the spread of flames and the non-existence of special intumescent paint designed to protect steel girders in intense heat, among other matters.

That report and separate follow-up examinations from Dublin fire brigade and the department found that, because of deficiencies in the event of a blaze, students only had 20 minutes to evacuate instead of the standard 60 minutes.

As a result, the department was forced to spend €800,000 between June and September last year to address the serious problems at the school.

Responding to a series of follow-up questions from the Irish Examiner, the department confirmed in a detailed statement on Tuesday night that, between 2008 and this year, Western Building Systems built 26 schools for the State after winning public contracts.

This includes five schools “that were similarly designed” to the Rush and Lusk facility.

The department said that while it has “no indication of similar concerns arising in relation to those buildings” it is “currently” arranging for “a more detailed examination to be carried out” — 16 months after the Rush and Lusk issues emerged.

The department also confirmed that Western, which has yet to respond to requests for comment from this newspaper, has been awarded contracts to build two schools since the fire safety revelations at the single site, one in 2014 and one in 2015.

Speaking on Newstalk’s Lunchtime programme, Ms O’Sullivan confirmed the five schools built in a “similar” way to Rush and Lusk by Western Building Systems will “immediately” be the subject of department inspections.

View image on Twitter
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Irish Examiner :heavy_check_mark: @irishexaminer
Pupils at firetrap school for 6 years, via @Ocionnaith http://shr.gs/EERauKZ (GM)
10:10 AM - Oct 6, 2015
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“We are aware that there were five other schools that were built at the time in the same kind of process, so we are inspecting those schools.

“We have no reason to believe that problem exists there, but we are going to inspect them to make sure there isn’t that problem,” she said.

Asked if schools built at the height of the boom were “rushed up” due to population pressures, Ms O’ Sullivan said: “I think that’s true”, adding “we’ve had the same issue with blocks of apartments that were built at that time, as well”.

The minister said that during the boom “standards were not as good”, but that the Government has “moved to improve controls”.

Meanwhile, responding to Dáil questions over the separate Longboat Quay crisis in Dublin’s docklands, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said that, while he didn’t know how many buildings built during the boom had fire safety issues, he expects more to emerge.

While Environment Minister Alan Kelly made similar remarks on Sunday, his department is understood to be opposed to suggestions from party colleague and Public Expenditure and Reform Minister Brendan Howlin to conduct a full-scale safety audit of all buildings built during the Celtic Tiger era.

School safety
The five schools to be re-examined are:

Ardgillan Community College, Balbriggan, Dublin, built in 2009; Scoil Naomh Lucais (previously Mulhuddart national school), Tyrrellstown, Dublin, 2008; Belmayne Educate Together / St Francis of Assisi, Dublin (adjoining campus), 2008; Greystones Educate Together / Gaelscoil na gCloch Liath, Dublin (adjoining campus), 2008; Mullingar Educate Together, Westmeath, 2008.

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