Politics 2017


When I was posting it, I was asking myself who will last longer - Trump or O’Sullivan.


They lied. Coordinated lies. End of.


The more things change, the more they stay the same…


common sense RIP


Are you sure it’s not use of the phrase RHI they’re trying to ban …


What’s he on about? I thought all Prods went to hell, no exceptions.


Was listening to the Head of the Orange Order - Mervyn Gibson - being interviewed the other week.

It was on the back of a speech he made in Glasgow about reaching out to other like-minded groups.

He got stumped when asked why an Orangeman could marry an atheist / Muslim / Hindu…but get expelled for marrying a Catholic.

He then got tied up in knots when a caller asked him if an Orangemen could attend a multi-faith Carol service with Catholics present. “It all depends…”, he started.

Even the presenter had to say it’s 2017 and the head of the Orange order couldn’t say if it was ok for one of their members to go a Christmas service.

Where Rufus lives, they have a policy of buying up ‘Protestant’ land to make sure it doesn’t fall to the papists.

And now a directive to stop using ‘RIP’ in case it sounds like papish superstition.

You couldn’t make it up.


Dark ages kinda stuff, up there with the feckin taliban in terms of bigotry and stupidity.


[quote=“upthedall, post:664, topic:1523”]
about reaching out to other like-minded groups[/quote]

Doubt there are many still living in caves at this stage …



… in screwing the country???

In the words of another member of the same political party … “A thundering Disgrace”


■■■■ sake


The words “a thundering disgrace” came from a Fine Gael Minister of the 70s (Paddy Donegan speaking about the then President of Ireland Cearbhaill O Dalaigh) and not from a member of Brian Cowan’s party.


Monasterboice’s finest … great scampi :fried_shrimp:


It led to O’Dalaigh resigning as President.


Oops sorry about that. As you mention it, I do remember it as you describe.

However to honor Biffo like that still is “a thundering disgrace” :rage:



Being Devil’s Malkovich here, it’s not as bad as giving one to Bertie is it? And if they gave one to him, how could they not give one to Cowan, and all Taoisaigh? The Bertster much more likely to end up one day, shall we say, inelligible for the award…


This name calling by SF is hardly going to help matters …


I broke my shite laughing at that.