Politics 2017


That wouldn’t be my read of the situation at all. I think the long knives are being sharpened. The media, God bless them abhor a vacuum.


Well I hope yer right. I rally do. It felt like he got lot more exposure during the FG leadership battle, if you ask me he is the new teflon Tasoeach.



The DUP aren’t alone in suppressing the Irish language.


What the what now?


How the fliuch could you take this piece of acting any way seriously ? the Gardai organised what an attack would be like from an extremist ??? Where did the Garda acting as the extremist do his training ? Templemore Academy of Theatre ? That this exercise was conjured up to give the most dishonest Commissioner a platform in the midst of what is going on around her is … a coincidence… ? And of course, it was planned and organised without any leaks… Love the way the boys have their pistols drawn, all in a line, like buses.


don’t see why its publicised - but you hardly expect them not to try a recreate an event like that.


You’d hope they are organizing and training for this kind of thing all the time? This does look like a publicity stunt more than anything.


The Hutch & Kinahan gangs must be quaking in their balaclavas.


What is it with these guys. Does the hard left mean you have to act hard? Why the constant anger? Rudeness, disregard for rules, disrespect … As if the likes of him and RBB are any way under-privileged …

All a bit childish.


Give confidence to the public that they are prepared/ preparing for or at least aware of the potential for something like this to be required.

The big thing, which an incident like Manchester demonstrated, is that our health service - from ambulances to ward capacity - would buckle if required to handle an event on that scale.


I think the chaps left early.


Everything is sorted so they may as well head off.


Extremely. Wallace as well


He lives in a state of constant victimhood. He’s almost as delusional as Healy Rae. And cut from exactly the same cloth. He knows how to appeal to his electorate.

If he ever tries blocking in any of mine I’ll be out with a hurl!!




It’s good to have Someone making the anti-establishment lefty case etc but he’s like one of those ‘right on’ student union reps who used to manufacture a cause on our behaf, whether we gave a toss or not.


Yes , the Garda evidence at the trial appeared co-ordinated and its integrity was undermined by the video evidence from a mobile phone . And it is important that the behaviour of those Gardai be investigated . The Ir Times editorial gave Murphy a clear direction on how best to proceed and that was to file a complaint with GSOC . But as been said here Murphy is luvvin da limelight


How long more can she hang on?


Ask Donald Trump.
If you have the support you can hang on no matter what you’ve done.