Politics 2017


Ultimately the Irish voter doesn’t like his politics, a touch too far to the right for most.


All our parties are pretty central compared to the right wing in recent elections around the world.


If FG can sort out housing problems they might get re-elected.


Mick: I want to ask the minister if she has her tickets?
Minister: Tickets for what?
MW: The gun show *slowly kisses each bicep* pic.twitter.com/ePQCHlsm2i

— Conor Gallagher (@ConorGallaghe_r) June 1, 2017


I agree about the prevalence of centre ground parties in general, look at Labour - the most centrist labour party in existence (so much so that Coveney was straying into their territiory, which more likely sunk him).

But left/ right is relative though. Facing a FF party that is all things to all men (by warping its principles to suit any electoral situation) things like Varadkar’s recent not very subtle winks to his party - the welfare cheats thing, and about being the party for those that get up early - definitely put them on the right.


I think they can’t and won’t. Ideologically they are opposed to what ultimately needs to be done in my opinion, which is large scale publicly funded housing. They’ll scratch around the edges, pushing public finances to private landlords and builders, but I don’t think it will sort the problem.

FF again could use the promise of large scale public housing to lock up the vote of a generation for decades if they got their act together. As could SF or Labour.


Ha. Brilliant


They might, or it’s FFs turn, that’s the way it seems to go


Labour are done. Please God.
It’s all up to Michael to time the general election. I’d like it now. If only to stop Leo becoming Taoiseach.
He won’t be long bring back the workhouse


If history has taught us anything. Government interference in the housing market only leads to worsening conditions.

Short of the state building 50k houses and developing regions outside of Dublin to relieve pressure on Dublin will that ever happen. And with the current gobshite in charge of FG. Never ever ever happening


So bring back the lads who squandered the last boom with their reckless giveaway budgets, not sure that’s such a brilliant alternative.


Oh Jesus no.
Accept we’re a failed state and let the Germans take over. It’s our only hope.


Replace the yoke of the Church and the parish pump gombeen with that of the Reich? That’s a bleak conundrum for a hungover Sunday morning


I would suggest this German government has done much to change post war perceptions in the past two years than anyone cares to recognise. They alone have open their arms to refugees in ways other european countries have criminally failed to.

That’s social progress. Right there.


True. Their insistence on Ireland carrying the can for the EU based banks’ ill-considered lending to Anglo etc is still fresh in my mind however.

Anyhow, all good now we have Leo the Progressor in charge. No prejudice in Ireland, none. It’s all gone, we don’t need the Germans, we’re grown-up now.


Tim Geithner/Juncker didn’t help either.
If not for either we’d have got a cut in Anglo bonds.


Perfect solution to the housing problem happening out here in Lusk, 74 FCC houses being built along with another 2 new build estates coming to completion.

Meanwhile, the 2nd phase of the Community College is at least 18 months behind schedule and most of the national school is in prefabs.

No joined up thinking out here or anywhere for that matter…




Id wish the government would get involved directly in building houses. We done it for decades and done a decent job of it. Of course social amenities along with a decent house building programme would go along way to getting any government re-elected. But Leo will be taoiseach, the Indo and times want him so thats what we’ll get. He ticks all the boxes for their agenda. I personally think he is a bulshitter but I hope he puts this money where his mouth is and do all the things he says he will do and I would happily admit I got him wrong. But I don’t think he will. Martin wont call a general election he would loose, Leo has the backing fo the media and they will go easy on him and give him he exposure.


We’re all progressive exept for 65% of the Fine Gael membership who voted for coveny. Backward ■■■■■.