Politics 2017


Not sure Coveney did himself any favours with the party faithful when he talked about being the party for the man in the sleeping bag on O’Connell St. Leo knows his audience.


most tedious campaign ever - they’re both the same and must know it’s FF’s turn next anyway.


True but there’s a Taoiseach’s pension up for grabs before that happens


Do you have to serve a minimum amount of time to get such a pension? FF might pull the plug soon after the new Taoiseach is elected and look to swoop themselves. It would be a disgrace if either of them got a Taoiseach’s pension after serving a month or two as Taoiseach.


New rules. Can’t get pension without a certain service time having elasped. Applies to any office. And not payable until retired.


Good to hear. Doesn’t apply to those still in office/parliament who had pensions from before the new rules, does it?


Think it’s something like 2 years


The winner may not become Taoiseach. If FF vote against their election to the position they won’t.


FF will bide their time, no one wants an election now


Yup. Too soon for FF atm. Reckon FF will pull the plug next summer


Isn’t the agreement with FF meant to last for 3 budget cycles? If they bring the Government down before that they’d play into FG hands.


I don’t know what a ‘pilar institution’ is, all Spanish to me.


Getting interesting now in Templemore , and that’s before the academic record of the place is reviewed . What could go wrong there ?

All those exams , grades , marking schemes and course board meetings ?? I mean, the ability to record and process data from academic performance wouldnt be that challenging … if it’s done properly


Jesus fucking wept. Getting as bad as the Healy Rae’s


The jaysus state of him


Needs to get himself a good mohair suit.


You’d think his mammy knitted him


Some of the comments are great, especially the one " I thought he lost the shirt off his back, not only the sleeves "


All hail Leo, and welcome the second age of Thatcher.

FF will gain from this in the long term. SF too if they ditch the older wing.


They’re in real trouble. Two thirds of the ordinary members didn’t want him. No chance of being re-elected Taoiseach.