Politics 2017


Mwah ha ha!


Looks like Kerry’s version of UKIP… all white, mostly male.
Kerry Independence Party sounds good.


fixed that for you :wink:


It really shows how serious the EU was about monetary union. It’s a union until something goes wrong…then someone gets thrown under the bus.

You wouldn’t see the US federal government saddle Alabama with California’s debt.

The lack of media discussion around the outrageous interest we are paying every year speaks volumes.


But enda kenny did get a pat on the head… got to count for something.


UKip want to bring back the death penalty.


Let me guess … for Muslim suicide bombers?


I think that’s what they’re proposing.

** confused face **


Can’t believe one of their candidates actually said that :joy:

Shows their level of intelligence


Just look at their leaders Nutall and farage, they’re like the the worst kind of gobby arseholes from down the local.



The picture I posted earlier in the Brexit thread would attest to that, Tayts.


No mention of her All Ireland tickets…


‘My seat?’

It’s not your seat. It’s the electorate’s seat and in their gift. It’s not ‘your’ seat.


Conceited wagon. Wonder how she’ll get on without Kenny’s patronage.


She should ■■■■ off to Nigeria with her fella. Save us a fortune on Dail phone bills.


As for this fecking dickhead, if he had his way I guess we would have no peace process


She’s a arsehole. had to be dragged kicking and screaming off the gravy train. But this type of politician never go away they just end up in the Seanad getting airtime.


Total arsehole. Adds zero value to the world.


Selective memory… chooses not to comment on atrocities committed by the agents/army of his queen in Buckingham Palace.