Politics 2017


Eh, I did mention they then went ahead with the other metro project which wasn’t ready to go like MN was. And I did mention the funding was there to do it, it wasn’t going to be payed for by us, and not then. And what about all the jobs?


A snub to FF in general because it was always their baby and FG came in with all the ‘new broom stuff’, and that was a handy excuse to include MN like it was some wasteful folly of the dark era. Then they turned around and started up the mess that has become the new LUAS/Metro project so…

The lack of FG TDs in Dub NW, and NC from 2011 to 2016 may also have been a factor. No lobby? The ones in Dub North may have been new and young, and lacking clout


I wonder if Theresa May is regretting calling the election now? Some polls suggesting that the Tories’ lead has been halved. She is alienating the grey vote with plans to use their savings to pay for their social care in their old age. Labour promising to do away with University fees if they get elected. Old people will vote and they do hold some clout. There has been a rush on people registering to vote, a lot of them believed to be 18-20 year-olds who, by all accounts, want University fees abolished and a re-think on Brexit. The Tories will still be the largest party after the election. I just wonder are they squandering their majority with their hard-Brexit talk and social care plans, not to mention the continued austerity.
Then again, a Labour/LibDem/SNP coalition doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, either.
The Tories are turning things dirty, also - as is their won’t. Albeit, this is from yesterday week, Labour do have some answers to the Tory mud-slinging…


Would be gas if another unnecessary gamble by a Tory PM blew up in their face.


think she might have over-reached alright, sh thought she was bullet proof, would laugh now if they don’t get a majority or a smaller one - although corbyn still wouldnt fill you with confidence.


As bad and all as Miliband was, Corbyn is the single biggest impediment to Labour right now. Liverpool/Mersey has just elected Andy Burnham as its Mayor. I reckon if he was leading the Labour Party right now, Labour could be pushing the Tories hard. Then again, if he was Labour leader, May probably wouldn’t have called the election. She has targeted Corbyn as Labour’s weakest leader since Michael Foot and is trying to cash in.


She’s backtracking… again.


Strong and stable me arse, flip flopper.


She cannot decide if she’s a flip-flopper or a flop-flipper.


Quite the impression you want to give when you are facing into hugely difficult negotiations l.


Yep. They are going to get unbelievably fucked over in those negotiations and they’ll have nobody to blame but themselves


Sad to say that last night’s event has shown the error in this statement by me. Burnham, although a Merseysider, is in fact, the Mayor of Greater Manchester.


Nothing about Seanie Fitz being acquitted??



It’s hardly a shocker…and given other events it easy to see why it’s slipped by unoticed.


Ah I know, serious questions have to come out of it though.

What the hell were the ODCE playing at and of course, we shouldn’t forget that the previous FG/LAB government restricted their funding…


Sort of sums up the world.

Rich fuckers and psychopaths escape justice…again.


Sadly true. What an effing disgrace.


Yeah very true.


That case was sunk as soon as the ODCE admitted shredding documents.

This idea that Fitzpatrick and Anglo brought down Ireland is bollocks by the way. Successive governments assuming the debts of Anglo, and other banks, is what fucked us.


True. But how much debt would there have been to foist upon the taxpayer if Fitzpatrick and his ilk were properly regulated?